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Each ghost stories is written by a real person, and considered 100% true. Some stories can be extremely scary, please read with caution.
I both sobbed and yelled at him when he appeared
posted in Friendly Visits by shadhunter1116 10-22-21
i fell asleep and woke up in my dream to see a person staring at me.
posted in Ghost Dreams by Crow 10-01-21
All true experiences
posted in Spells and Curses by JadeMarieCursedWoman 07-24-21
I did not know how to react.
posted in Frightening Encounters by youngmeg 06-24-21
A girl bought a new cell phone...(see what happens)
posted in General Stories by they.ad0re_ari 08-25-20
This is a ghost story about a ghost story.
posted in General Stories by Mr. Ghost Stories 04-13-20
Did not see anything when I took the picture.
posted in General Stories by JohnBurvee45 12-07-19

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