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The scariest night

The scariest night

Why would I do that
2 years ago me and my friends went to the cemetery right by my house.
As we entered we saw a man dressed in black by my grand-farther's grave  so we went to go check it out. as we drew closer and closer we could see a ghostly pale distornted face. I thought I was hallucingating I wasn't everyone around me was seeing it to. I stepped forward and asked "may I help you in any way possible?" I looked back to them they all mouthed "you got this raven. " I took a deep breath and said "Sir?" and touched him on his back and he stared at me and asked "you don't remember me do you Raven?" I looked stunned as I remebered who always used my full name my Grand farther r always used it. I went pale and almost screamed he hushed me before I could scream . He said " sign here and my friends on the other side will make your hearts deepest disires come true ." I made the biggest mistake ever because I said " I want my mom to have another child and I want to be rich and a Mafia boss ." so I signed it and went back home as user all . my house changed it was the most biggest mansion ever with butlerts and gardeners .Like in my  dreams  back then . I went to go check on mom and found her with dad in there room absaloutly happy as ever and I asked " what happened ?" they show me the test was posotive . I told them everything they stared at me then mom said " You did what Raven ?" I was doomed for life. They both belived me . I went to my room and said "if I die young bury me in satin. lay me down on a bed of roses. sink  me in the river at dawn send me away  with the words of a love song."  They both came in and sat on my bed and said "we know it was a misatake . we get it but we can't have this baby not until you become a secondary schooler . " I stared blankly at them from mom to dad andback again and almost fainted . I felt doomed that day .Its never left me that day that day has never left me never I bet it will never leave me never

© Raven Melling - 11-06-23

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I was born under a blood moon . I am 14 years old I might be cursed, I have alot of strange things happend to me like possessions [More]...

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