is a premiere real ghost stories website. Discover a wide range of stories about real apparitions and genuine hauntings, yet more critically, it is a site for posting, sharing and pursuing genuine ghostly encounters from real folks like you. It has become obvious that numerous individuals have had these sorts of unexplained encounters, and it makes for awesome readings, possibly on occasion upsetting, yet frequently, leaving you considering the possibilities of life after death.

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Read and learn all about ghosts, monsters, curses, and all the different kinds of paranormal experiences.

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Whether you believe in ghosts or not, the unexplained and the supernatural have always fascinated the world.

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Share your paranormal experience without worry or fear of judgement, and help others with your story.

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In 2017, we began a mission to collect real ghost stories and paranormal encounters from people just like you.

What is a spiritual attachment?

When a person's haunted, it's more commonly known as an attachment; meaning wherever you go they follow because they don't have an attachment to the place itself, it's you. But when a building's haunted, that's different because there are 3 different types of haunting: 1. The land can be the only thing haunted, which means an event was traumatic enough to stain the land itself. 2. The building can be haunted but not the land, but there would have to be numerous traumatic deaths for it to become haunted. The spirits would be stuck in a loop, repeating that event or events over and over again. When someone dies, the year they die is the year they stay. 3. It can be both the land and the building haunted, which means that numerous deaths were both on the land itself and in the building. © Written by JadeMarieCursedWoman

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