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Demonic neighbor
Told by sav8604   © October 7th, 2017
My mom and I lived in a haunted apartment for 19 years, and we believe there was activity throughout the entire building, not just our apartment. We had a neighbor living directly upstairs from us, and for 3 years, he was the perfect neighbor. Then, one day, my mother told me he had started hissing at her when she left the building to go to a friends house. It was just the beginning of some extremely bizarre behavior out from him. He started banging pipes on the floor of his apartment, started threatening the landlady, and also a lot of other people in the neighborhood people as well. He especially liked to scare children and elderly women.
We knew something was terribly wrong with him, with his behavior changing so much. One day we were walking down the street, my mom said, hey, there he is. And she pointed at a man who looked just like the neighbor who was behaving badly. And then, out of nowhere, this man morphed into someone else, and then we saw another man, who happened to be the neighbor stepping out from behind a nearby tree.

If this was not weird enough, he came across the street towards us, and when he got right up to us, we could see his facing changing right in front of our eyes. Not just his facial expression, but the bone structure was actually changing right in front of our eyes, changing his facial features entirely, so that he looked like a different person. It was then that we understood that he had a possession going on. We knew we were in the presence of evil. The last we heard, he had been kicked out of a mental institution for behaving in a threatening way to the other patients.

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violet willow in Apartment Child Ghost
Yeah I do not do well with children ghosts! I remember someone telling me about this little girl haunting a local church and my friend wanted me to go, I faked being sick. lol
violet willow in Hallway Ghosts?
Have you ever had someone come over and do some form of cleansing to the house to see if someone who lived there before died badly?
Thomas in It said "Travis"
OMG, this scared me! lol
Thomas in Hallway Ghosts?
Dang, that sounds freaky lol

reminds me of a scary movie
Shawn in Apartment Child Ghost
wow, that is pretty hair-raising peaches! The ghost of a child? Huh. I would not sleep in that apartment if you paid me!

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