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My First Experience (23 replies)
Fatal Ouija Board (9 replies)
My future (9 replies)
The Voice of Fire (6 replies)
Kramer Has Company (6 replies)
Study Buddy (6 replies)
The Ghost Child wants our daughter (5 replies)
The Beginning (5 replies)
Ouija Board (5 replies)
I'm sleeping with my lights on (secret on what I'm going to be when I die at end) (5 replies)
scared sh*tless (4 replies)
Tidy ghost (4 replies)
Paranormal Entity in Upstate NY (4 replies)
DIZZY YET? (3 replies)
The Ghost in the bathroom. (3 replies)
The girl on my ceiling (3 replies)
Priscilla Buckley, 1940-2009 (3 replies)
Our third roommate (3 replies)
Setsubun (3 replies)
Campfire Delight, or was it? (3 replies)
A Flying Lesson... (3 replies)
He wants to take me (3 replies)
The Watcher in the Mirror (2 replies)
Cautionary Premonition (2 replies)
I'm still doing a lot of work on the website (2 replies)
Soul Walking (2 replies)
Ghost of Teenage Girl (2 replies)
The Cell Phone (2 replies)
Last Goodbye (2 replies)
Shadow Being (2 replies)
God Will Get You (2 replies)
Awakened (2 replies)
Little Girl Ghost (2 replies)
My Aversion With The Ouija Board (2 replies)
good puppy (2 replies)
Late Night Ringing (2 replies)
The ghost in the Attic (2 replies)
Rivaled Possession (2 replies)
Daytime activity (2 replies)
Black Eyed Kid (2 replies)
Haunted Hotel (2 replies)
The Ghost of Christmas? (2 replies)
Him - The Smelly Ghost (1 replies)
Lady on the Landing (1 replies)
Midnight Visitor (1 replies)
Til' Death Do Us Part (1 replies)
The little Boy (1 replies)
Japanese Ghost (1 replies)
Troubled Road (1 replies)
Civil War sharpshooter spirit reenacting the past (1 replies)
Possession, Dark vs light, Mystical vs God (7,775 views)
My future (6,622 views)
Campfire Delight, or was it? (6,412 views)
Demonic Neighbor (6,377 views)
A Mississippi Haunting (6,277 views)
Rumors (5,895 views)
Ouija Board (5,133 views)
Fatal Ouija Board (5,104 views)
God Will Get You (4,917 views)
possessd (4,768 views)
The Confused Man (4,452 views)
Paranormal Entity in Upstate NY (3,951 views)
I Hear Springs - Irish Accent (2,728 views)
My Aversion With The Ouija Board (2,704 views)
Tidy ghost (2,468 views)
Face In The Kramer Print (2,402 views)
Ghost of Teenage Girl (2,196 views)
He wants to take me (2,194 views)
Cautionary Premonition (2,026 views)
Troubled Road (2,006 views)
The Ghost Girl Of Medfield (1,959 views)
Kramer Has Company (1,882 views)
I'm sleeping with my lights on (secret on what I'm going to be when I die at end) (1,833 views)
Funeral Home Spirit Vapor (1,820 views)
300 year old cemetery (1,764 views)
Priscilla Buckley, 1940-2009 (1,738 views)
The Afterlife ~ A Corporeal’s Transition (1,636 views)
The Laughing Ghost (1,624 views)
Midnight Visitor (1,614 views)
The Figurines (1,596 views)
A Boy Who Loves Her (1,595 views)
Rivaled Possession (1,593 views)
Grandma's basement (1,585 views)
The Devil's Den (1,566 views)
House in Hager Park part 2 (1,562 views)
Our third roommate (1,553 views)
A Little Girl Who Is Sad (1,543 views)
The Poster Fire Incident (1,531 views)
Little Girl Ghost (1,523 views)
Awakened (1,469 views)
The Ghost I grew up with. (1,464 views)
Historic Home Ghost (1,452 views)
DIZZY YET? (1,452 views)
Daytime activity (1,435 views)
My First Paranormal Experience (1,432 views)
Afternoon Apparition (1,427 views)
Watching over me (1,398 views)
It Has Batteries....Right? (1,374 views)
The Ghost in the bathroom. (1,368 views)
Ghost Behind the Gate (1,355 views)

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