Beststoryteller2.0 in the clown
01-08-24LucyMartinez2324 Wrote: Damn I hope that clown doesn't appear again hope you okay

hey! i'm new to this and I would like to know more about it!
Beststoryteller2.0 in the clown
I have a huge fear f clowns sense I was little..so I hope your okay...
strwbberi in my doppelganger
this i werid tbh.................................................................but cool :D
MR Doggo1234 in night time
liloana in night time
same here
LucyMartinez2324 in the clown
Damn I hope that clown doesn't appear again hope you okay
Minty_666 in the clown
that's crazy hope ur okay
Raven Melling in Fatal Ouija Board
OH MY RA! I'm never using an oijja again
Raven Melling in Fatal Ouija Board
My mom had a simlar thing when she was younger . She lost her best friend to .
Raven Melling in the clown
thanks for the shout out !!
I aprecitate it
john harden in the clown
hope you guys enjoy this
this just felt like a normal ghost story you'd tell at camp
I hope you are ok .That was scary as utter shit
Raven Melling in The Bed Man
Raven Melling in a recent encounter
I do not understand what happened
Raven Melling in A child
I don't understand of what I just read
Raven Melling in the demon
I am so into demons this was very simalar to me
10-09-23LifeLong_Death Wrote: Am I the only one who doesn't believe it?

I am telling my story 
and that's just your opinion and I am not Judging you but it is quite harsh . (to me)
Minty_666 in Fatal Ouija Board
now i kinda wanna play again ;-;
LifeLong_Death in Awakened
Trust me crow the more you get older the more you want to get you're life done with
I SEEN THAT SAME SHADOW IN MY ROOM ITS TRIED TAKING ME... but i ran away so now my family cant find me im at a old house can someone help me please
this was boring i almost fell asleep tbh

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