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"we spoke to our late mother"
on hallows eve, 
me and my twin brother found an ouija board in the bin by our neighbours house . We diceded to take it home so I hid it in my back pack and tried to act normal around dad due to he hate these things all be cause he is a vicar at our local church 
and mum passed away a year before due to she kept hearing voices and seeing things 
and we got really scared we thought it was totally normal but it wasn't the things she was seeing were terrifying she would scream at 3;30 the time I was born . S o we started playing the board thing its a normal game but when it stated moving its self we  looked at Each over in horror and I said "are you moving it ash" and he looked at me like are you crazy . But I was serious and he could tell I was 
so I asked "Is Rachel Alice Melling here (mothers name )"? and it moved to yes . we looked at each over and said at the same time
"she's here mums here" and we swear we saw her standing by the window . Ash said "ask her something Raven" I nodded and took a deep breath and asked "mom are you by the window again ??" and it moved to yes and I asked "can we see you ?" it spelled "I love you " 
ash asked " mom come to the light " we only had a candale due to it was 2 am . the boared went to yes . when we could 
just see her spirit the boared moved to spell "don't be scared I am right here ." then dad nocked on the door and we screamed then ash said " its not that bad were talking to mum" and dad sits next to me places his hands on he mover and asks "Rachel are you here with me and the kids ?" it moved to yes ash said "look behind you dad ." I said " you might want to " as soon as she saw her she came closer and I could feel her hand on my shoulder. Then the  board moved to say " Happy Birthday you two" I looked at the clock and it said 3:00 am the exact time ash was born then 30 minutes later it was me due to I was  born at 3:30 am . just then dad saw her like he did when we were born there was screaming blood crying panting and a lot more. me and ash saw our birth before us and  wispered to the darkness "I LOVE YOU MUM." and the boared said "its time for you two to get to sleep " dad said "stay safe Rach (dad always calls her that) " and the boared said "look after my Babys' charle's please " and dad Nodds to the darkness and ash says "mum wait . I love you unlike Raven here  here who always says it (so I just gave him the mum glare and he laughed) and I waned the right moment to say it. and we all said au " 
and I stare at him as if to say finally you've said it and he says aloud "I have been waiting for the right moment unlike t the same time bye mum talk later . and that was the best but spooky night of out lives and from then on we have been talking to her even at church we sneak out and go there and talk to our late mothers ghost . sometimes there would be other spirits and I can not sleep to this day since then i haven't stopped thinking of my mum . I don't eat or sleep anymore since that night .
"am vers la tara la bunici si a fot frumos"
deci intr-o vara la mamia care a murit si a fost frumos dar am vazuto moarta asa ca da [Image: 63ebc86799614_IMG-20230116-WA0020.jpg]
posted by lunar wolf 03-09-22
" i messed with another Ouija bored being funny and i paid the price"
so after my experience with my dead mother I wanted to talk to her because it had been about a year since she visited me last so I bought an ouija board to see if I could talk to her. it was around 4 weeks after I had bought the board and at around 2 ish and my dad had been asleep for about an hour so i had gotten out of bed and pulled the ouija board out from underneath my bed because I had to hide it from my dad he doesn't like ouija boards he said to me that they're no good and have bad intechens. so I did the stupidest thing possible I had my little sister play with me and at the time she was around 7 years old and didn't fully understand the rules but I really wanted to talk to mom so I had her be my partner. Worst decision ever. so we started around 2:15 and yes if you were wandering I and her were very tired. so we started and I went first to give her a clue on what to do so I had asked the board "is there a spirit in here with us". and the amulet took a minute to move but when it did it went straight to (yes). so I asked it  "are we talking to ruby harp(my mother's name)"  and when it moved it speeled out (N O). so my dumb ass did the other worst decision I asked (are you harmful) and it spelled out. (yes)  so after that, I got scared and so did my sister and she was about to take her hand off the bored when I said to her Lil sis don't worry there's nothing to be afraid of and she seemed to calm down so the next question I asked was (can u mack something move in my room)  and about 2 minutes later my lamp that was on my burial suddenly fell but like it was thrown kind of fell. that's what did it for my Lil sis as soon as it hit the table and made the loud sound she had already let go of the amulet and when I saw she had let go I felt the overwhelming pain in my head.  and so I had taken my hand off the board as well and about 5 minutes later we were looking at the bored in horror when it began to move and it spelled out (Y O U  W I L L  R E G R E T  T H A T  N A L L A) and I looked at my little sister and said Nalla I have a question and she looked at me with scared eyes as I said have you been snooping in my room and found this ouija board and played with it alone? and she nodded sadly and as I saw her nod out of the corner of my eye I saw a figure looking at Nalla. I then said Nalla did you say goodbye to the spirit and she said *I forgot to read the instructions I didn't know u had to say goodbye* I then realized that the spirit was mad at Nalla for not saying goodbye and playing alone. after a few minutes, I didn't see the shadow so I sent Nalla to bed at around 2:59 so when I had gotten into bed it was about 3:05 and all I could think about was pls don't hurt Nalla and I repeated that same thing over and over and over in my head and when I hured a loud crashing coming from Nalla's room I got scared and rushed to her room at the time I had gotten to her room it was too late she was gone like *poof* just gone and since that happened I haven't talked about it for 3 years until now.  I'm 14 now and Nalla would have been 10 years old I miss her laugh I wish I could turn back time to make sure she didn't mess with that bored EVER!  hehe, I guess it was my fault in the first place I hate myself because of this after she went missing my dad started to hurt me because Nalla reminded him of my mother, and now that one piece of her was gone because of me.    and if you wondering this is a true story about my life I lost everything just because I wanted to talk to my mother and so i fell into depression, oh and if u see a dark shadow with black long hair and red eyes with a evil looking smile and is wearing brown dirty ripped clothes pls pls tell me I will do anything to get her back please please please tell me if you have seen this shadow I will be so grateful because I miss Nalla and yes you can comment how much I shouldn't have had her play or even bought the bored in the first place i just need her back and I will say it again this is my true story about how I lost my baby sister BECAUSE I WAS SO FULISH. please give me a clue on where she could be I remember I asked the spirit its name and it said (Amanda  w.)  thx for reading
posted by lunar wolf 03-03-22
so the next day when my friends had left. I went into my room it was about 2:34 when I had gone into my room and when I went in my room I got on my phone and started playing Roblox till about 9:30.  and I had gone to bed but when I woke up I wasn't in my room so I said guess it was another nightmare. I was in an abandoned hospital so my dumb ass went exploring ignoring the clear signs of blood splattered on the wall till I came to a room it was rather small smaller than a normal room so I went all the way in because I had heard something drop all of a sudon "CLICK " the door shut and locked me in it when I ternd my back to the door the room was different it was an operating room so I got closer and closer to what I thought was an empty bed but as I got closer everything went black and the next thing I know the lady is staring at me with the crazy smile and I was so scared and started crying but when I started crying I heard a soothing voice saying to me  "my sweet baby girl always remember tho you cry after the tears dry I will be there to hug you even if u cant see me baby" when I opened my eyes the lady was gone and standing at the foot of my bed was my mother she looked sad and lonly what she seid next made me wanna cry and hug her but I culdent she seid "my sweet baby girl dont be sad dont let life bring you down like me  baby girl pleas dry your tears tho im not hear im with u in your heart and in your memory and as she seid this she started crying so i seid "momma when life gives up on me what do i do? she dident awnser. suddenly I was woken up by my dad saying my name when I opened my eyes i couldn't help but cry and when I explained what had happened and he said I know she been visiting me too. every so often I sleep with her picker frame.
"This is a true story, every word.. My Proof of the Paranormal, You be the Judge"
[Image: 5c93c412e00d8_fantasy-2847724_640.jpg]
This is Chapter 2 from my book "My Proof of the Paranormal, You be the Judge!" available on Amazon for instant download $1.99 or paperback $4.42. Follow this link to purchase: This is the last chapter that I am going to add. Feel free to follow me on Twitter for strange occurrences happening daily in the haunted house I live in.

Even though the Ouija board has been used throughout history, back in the late 70’s we really didn’t know too much about it. We thought well, if it is advertised as a game living under a toy stores roof, what could go wrong, right?! Well…

So, we got the Ouija board and loved to play with it, but at this point we were kids, so I have no idea if one of my friends was moving the amulet on purpose. That I will never know. What I do know is my friend came over and we decided to break out the game (we thought it was a game). We sat down across from each other, lightly put a finger on the amulet as the directions said, started asking questions and it began to move. I don’t remember what we were asking, or what the answers were but it wasn’t the actual using of the board where something out of the ordinary occurred, it was after. I put the board away in the bedroom next to mine which wasn’t being used at the time.

A few days later the same friend came over and brought her aunts dog with her because she was taking care of the dog while her aunt was on vacation. Myself, my friend, and the dog were just sitting at the top of the stairs talking about everyday things, and then there was silence for a moment; like a break in conversation. From the back room a deep voice belted out my name clear as day, and it shook all of us to the core. The dog took off running down the stairs and we followed, running out of the house and not coming back until my father came home.
After this small but strange things would occur, the most notable was me always feeling like someone was standing behind me or following me. You know that feeling you get when someone is behind you starring at you? It was the same feeling, but a whole lot heavier. I put away the Ouija board for many, many years until high school. I had three friends over and we decided to break out the board one more time. Now I don’t remember who said what, or who turned into the devil, but the events of that night scared me and once again, the board did not disappoint. We all placed our fingers very carefully on the amulet and asked some random questions, and this went on for about an hour. All the sudden one of my friends jumped up and screamed, he swore that the person sitting across from him turned into the devil; red eyes and all. I am not sure if I believe this story because I wasn’t the one seeing it, but the expression and fear on this guy’s face said a lot. After this I felt I had tortured myself enough, I gave the board to a friend and he put it in the trunk of his car and disposed of it. In my life, I have never, and I will never touch another Ouija board again. Never.

Even though the board was gone, I would still feel things all around me and see things from time to time. I distinctly remember seeing what looked like an energy outline in the shape of a human by my bedroom door, it looked like it was bending over and picking stuff up and putting it in a small garbage can. Strange, I know. I did tell my mom this, so she can verify the story, I was on the phone with her while it was happening. I eventually got to the point where I didn’t want to see things anymore and hung a rosary on by bedpost, and a cross over head. I had enough, and this is where I believe I began to push things out of my head and ignore my ability and the fact that I knew things when I shouldn’t. See, they say that you begin to develop your psychic abilities when you are very young and most first notable experiences are seeing spirits. Was White Man before or after the Ouija board? I don’t know. Was White Man the beginning of my journey as a psychic? I don’t know. What I do know is that spirits are real, psychics are real, and the Ouija board is real.
posted by SonicE.X.E 03-06-19
"I was at a sleepover with my friend, Anne."
I was at a sleepover with my friend, Anne. We were doing normal sleepover stuff, like playing video games and watching Netflix. We soon got bored, and Anne remembered about something she found in her basement just recently. It was an Ouija Board, old and wooden like in the movies.

She decided to play with it, but I hesitated. I had a feeling this would not turn out well. But we started playing anyway. I convinced myself that it would be fun. We started out asking basic questions like, "Who would I marry?" and "How many countries would I visit?" Soon things got worse.

I went to the kitchen to grab some soda and pretzels to eat. When I came back, Anne's face looked terrified. While I was gone, she asked the Ouija Board when she would die. It said, "Tomorrow, 3:45 pm".

I was absolutely scared out of my mind. 3:45 was when school ended, when she was normally picked up by her parents. I prayed that night for her to be okay, but my prayers weren't enough. 

I got a call from my mom later the next day saying that Anne was in a car accident with a semi-truck and her parents were okay, but she didn't survive. 

I will never forget that experience and I warn you to never play with an Ouija Board, or you will lose your best friend like I did.

This is a true story.
posted by Charlotte 01-08-19
"This is a true story, but I want to warn everyone not to use Ouija boards so you don't lose your best friend like I lost mine."
I'm warning you and I want you to know, if you have ever used an Ouija board or if you ever want to use one, don't do it! My best friend Jake died using one. He downloaded a stupid app on his phone and then he asked it when he going to die. The Ouija board told him he would die that night, but we all laughed it off, thinking it was just a game. That evening, he rode his bike home and in the morning the police found his body. He took the short cut home, so he had traveled alone in the dark by himself through the woods where the police said the brakes on his bike must have failed, and he had drowned in a creek. The evidence points out he was flung over his handlebars. This is a true story, but I want to warn everyone not to use Ouija boards so you don't lose your best friend like I lost mine.
posted by Jolleen 12-28-18
"When I was about eleven, me and my friends were playing the Ouija board at school"
When I was about eleven, me and my friends were playing the Ouija board at school because it was a rainy day schedule and we weren't allowed to go outside. We started asking it questions about our future like who will we marry, how many kids will we have, things like that. But for some reason the board only wanted to answer questions about me. So I asked the usual, like who will I marry. It said no I won't marry. I asked, will l have any children? It said yes 4. And that struck me as very odd because I always pictured myself as being married before I had children. And why so many? 4 is a lot. 

Then I asked, will who I have children with? It said two different people, which also struck me is very odd because I could never pictured myself having two babies daddies. I asked what were their names, Josh and Dustin it replied. But these names weren't quite relevant to me in my life yet. I then asked it, what will I do for a living? And it said I would be a maid, and I thought it was definitely a joke. Then I asked, at what age will I die? And I can't remember for the life of me what age it gave me but it was in my forties or fifties and I was devastated that I'd only be living basically like half a life. And I asked, how would I die? I thought it said in a car wreck. And I asked, where would I die? It said in Kansas City, Kansas. I was under the impression that Kansas was a state I never knew, it was a city here.

Now I am 40 years old, and I moved to Kansas City and I actually work at Maid-Pro. I also have four kids with Josh and Dustin. But my brain cannot for the life of me remember what age he died.
What should I do?
posted by Guest 12-10-18
"Ouija boards are the subject of much controversy. "
Having grown up with a psychic mother, I am pretty comfortable using them, although I know that it is wise to take some precautions, such as lighting a white candle and placing a chalice or bowl of water nearby to help attract positive spirits.  I had some spectacular experiences with ghosts during my years at the College of Mount Saint Vincent, especially at Marillac Hall.

I lived in Marillac Hall in my Junior year.  I’m glad that I had a roommate because I don’t think that I would have been brave enough to live there on my own.  The oldest building on campus, Marillac was built in the late 1800s.  My college always had a lot of fun hosting haunted houses and ghost tours for Halloween.  After getting permission from the Residence Director, I invited my mother and a friend up to do a Ouija board séance at Marillac Hall.        

I was standing downstairs in the lounge, waiting for my mother to arrive.  Suddenly, I heard a tapping sound.  Looking up, I saw a face grinning back at me through the porch door’s window.  I must have jumped ten feet high.  The woman on the other side of the doorway laughed hysterically.

“Very funny, Mom,” I chided her.  “You have to come in the front door.  The porch is always kept locked.”  She nodded and I went around to get her and our family friend, Artie, signed in under me.  Artie, also known as Lord Tammuz, is another elder of the Craft in New York City.  He and my mom have been friends for many years and they are used to doing the Ouija board together.  Mom, Artie, and I spent some time catching up while we waited for people to arrive for the event.

Once everyone was there, I introduced Mom and Artie to the group.  Mom explained how we were going to respectfully ask any spirits who were around if they wished to communicate.  This was not going to be an aggressive event where we tried to coerce spirits into making contact.  While there were never any guarantees that spirits would decide to come through the board, Mom was hopeful that there would be a high level of activity that night because it was Halloween.  The veil between the Spirit World and the living is thinnest on Halloween night, which is also known as Samhain in Wiccan traditions.

Due to fire safety precautions, we could not light any candles, but Mom said that was okay.  She didn’t think we would run into any negative spirits.  The Mount is a peaceful, holy place.  CMSV was founded by the Sisters of Charity and Marillac Hall has a tiny chapel located on the first floor where the Sisters sometimes hold special, private prayer sessions.

We turned down the lights, keeping only the low lamps on so that we could see the board clearly.  Mom and Artie did the board while I recorded the words that the spirits spelled out.  The first spirit that came through was a gentleman from the 1940s.  His wife had attended the College of Mount Saint Vincent back when it was still a women’s college.  He had fond memories of visiting her here while they were courting.  They had gotten married after she graduated. 

The room that we were doing the Ouija board reading in is known as the “Engagement Room.”  Mom and Artie didn’t know this, but my classmates and I did because we knew the history of the building.  When the school was still exclusively for women, male visitors weren’t allowed to go upstairs to visit their girlfriends.  The nuns would lead the gentleman caller into the Engagement Room to wait.  Then they would let the young lady know that she had a visitor.

The second spirit that came through was a priest with a heavy Irish brogue named Father William.  During his life, he had resided on campus and taught mathematics.  This was reflected in the friendly, but professorial manner in which he addressed us.  He told us that many spirits chose to “haunt” CMSV, but not in the negative sense.  Very few, if any were stuck there.  Rather, the positive experiences that they had at the Mount forged a bond with the place that kept them coming back to visit long after they had gone to the light.

Father William went on to explain that sometimes spirits returning for a visit would be surprised by the changes that the Mount had undergone in their absence.  His former abode was now a large broom closet.  One of my classmates gasped, “Are you the ghost that haunts the storage closet on the third floor whose door always opens up on its own?”

“Aye,” Father William spelled out.

“Why do you stay there?” we asked.

“The landlord hates me,” he responded.  Then Father William told us all to study hard and said that he had to be going because there were other spirits who wanted to come through the board.

A couple of other spirits came through.  One commented on a student’s velvet curtains and said that she could leave them open if she ever wanted to see the ghosts that congre...
posted by Countess 07-08-18
"Although he sustained a fractured femur and a broken wrist you’ll be pleased to know Kevin made a full recovery. The rest of us vowed never to use a Ouija board again "
“What we should do, is go to my house,” suggested Debbie thoughtfully.
The rest of us took little convincing to take that fateful Friday afternoon off from school. We were all sixteen years old that summer and were ready for an adventure, so when the bell rang signalling the end of lunch break we headed out of the gate to freedom.
As is usually the case in these sorts of situations we quickly became bored, we could watch the television anytime, no one fancied a snack and we’d decided against raiding the drinks cabinet as that wasn’t the kind of fun we were after, but we dared not venture outside for fear of being spotted during what should have been a school day.
Somebody, I don’t recall who, suggested playing ‘Ouija’ most of the group were unfamiliar with the practice so after giving a brief explanation I took it upon myself to gather the necessary apparatus. I repositioned the coffee table whilst Debbie searched for pen and paper and found us a glass tumbler to use.
With varying degrees of anticipation, we each placed a finger on the glass, furtively glancing around the circle. As no one seemed keen on taking the lead I myself asked the infamous question . . . ‘is there anybody there?’
The room erupted into stifled giggles, some girls were hiding behind cushions or had covered their faces with their palms, others looked ready to cry - although the two boys present put on a good show of false bravado.
Undeterred, I continued my questioning of the spirits and those who wanted to re joined the circle. After a short while the glass began to slowly orbit the letters, you could have cut the tension with a knife as we watched it travel past the alphabet, searching for the characters it required to convey its unearthly message.
A lot of the communication was such utter gibberish the lads in our midst began to act the fool . . .asking ridiculous questions; which girls might grant them sexual favours?  Who in the room was still a virgin? Displaying the kind of rashness adolescent boys so often do.  
But some one, or something was in the room with us that day, the beaker picked up speed and quickly spelled out SILLY – BOY – ACCIDENT and although the boys brushed off the comment it was evident their courage was waning.
Subsequently, we received further garbled messages, but the only other which had any significance was the final communication of the day, for just as we were thinking of packing up and returning to our own homes the glass was off again. We all stared in trepidation as the phrase NANNA BURN PAN was revealed!
Not unduly upset by this latest proclamation we all parted the ways, leaving Debbie to tidy up before her parents returned from work, but not before arranging to meet up at the local recreation ground later that evening.
Once safely back at home all thoughts of the Ouija session were gone from my mind, I ate with my family before changing out of my school uniform and heading to the park. Upon arrival I noticed Susan, one of the girls who’d been present that afternoon, appeared to be genuinely distressed. It transpired that earlier in the day her grandma (nanna] had scalded (burn) her arm quite badly on the kettle (pan?) and was currently in the local accident and emergency department awaiting treatment.
Understandably we all became a little hysterical upon hearing such news, we were terrified to think one of the Ouija predictions had come to fruition.
By eight o’clock almost all of the kids who had been at Debbie’s that day had regrouped, we were just awaiting the arrival of Kevin and Jason. Just when we thought they weren’t coming a figure on a bicycle became apparent in the distance, pedalling so fast it seemed the devil was chasing him. As he skidded to a halt we realised it was Jason, he was as white as a sheet and his face appeared snot streaked and tearstained.  As we had all secretly feared further misfortune had transpired, Kevin had also become a casualty of our ill-considered dalliance with spirit.
His words punctuated by gasps and sobs Jason explained what had happened; as they travelled to the park together, Kevin who was on his skateboard, began riding recklessly, there were some girls on the opposite side of the street and he was showing off trying to impress them, suddenly he lost his footing and his board slipped from beneath him, then as though propelled by unseen hands Kevin was thrown into the path of an oncoming car!

Although he sustained a fractured femur and a broken wrist you’ll be pleased to know Kevin made a full recovery. The rest of us vowed never to use a Ouija board again . . . but some of us didn’t keep that promise!!


What is an Ouija board? An Ouija board is a board that contains letters and numbers, the second component to an Ouija board is a pointer, also called a planchette. It is said that a spirit will communicate with the user of the board by guiding the planchette to certain letters to spell out important words. Our online Ouija board is mysterious, authentic and designed to be used just like a real Ouija board.
1. First, turn off any lights in the room, make the room as quiet as possible, this will help create a warm and welcoming atmosphere for the spirit.
2. Relax, take a deep breath and exhale slowly, clear your thoughts, just let everything around you fade away. Now is the time to let your eyes focus on the Ouija board.
3. For touch-screen devices, place your right or left hand index finger on the planchette, near the bottom right or left corner. (For desktop, place your mouse cursor over the planchette, press and hold the left click button to move the planchette.) Take a moment to move the pointer around, it should roll freely across the board.
4. To begin, ask a simple question. The planchette will gently guide your fingers toward specific numbers and letters. The spirit will communicate with you by spelling out words that will relate to your question. Don't confuse the spirit with long or complicated questions.
5. To end a session, bring the pointer the "goodbye" reference. The spirit may also choose to end the session by resting the pointer upon the word "goodbye."
Our featured online ouija board, 'The Enfield' was created by the talented artist Dan Lake.
"I was inspired after watching The Conjuring 2 (The Enfield Haunting) to design the board. The Hodgson Sisters home-made a similar Ouija from cereal boxes and cutting out magazine letters which led to them contacting the Evil spirit of Bill Wilkins. Growing up in the UK during the late 1970’s the case was familiar to me and also had odd experiences with Ouija and the occult during my childhood and beyond which continues to inspire my art and life."
...Dan Lake
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