s.brown.19729 in Fatal Ouija Board
I am so sorry for your loss.
damnnn thats no joke.
Quentin in Am I possessed!?
i've seen this girl before. as long as you don't do anything irrational, you'll be fine. she can be dangerous. please be careful
BruhMeem in good puppy
I really need to get those spirit box thingys thanks for reminding me Chilly_Jilly, btw really cool story, funny too, all I have met is evil spirits
JadeMarieCursedWoman in My First Experience
01-20-22MiQe Wrote:
09-04-21JadeMarieCursedWoman Wrote: Yes I was born under a black moon. Do you have any other questions for me :)

What is a black moon?

It's commonly used to refer to the New Moon or two new moons within two months.

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