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the night i will never forget part 2

the night i will never forget part 2

so the next day when my friends had left. I went into my room it was about 2:34 when I had gone into my room and when I went in my room I got on my phone and started playing Roblox till about 9:30.  and I had gone to bed but when I woke up I wasn't in my room so I said guess it was another nightmare. I was in an abandoned hospital so my dumb ass went exploring ignoring the clear signs of blood splattered on the wall till I came to a room it was rather small smaller than a normal room so I went all the way in because I had heard something drop all of a sudon "CLICK " the door shut and locked me in it when I ternd my back to the door the room was different it was an operating room so I got closer and closer to what I thought was an empty bed but as I got closer everything went black and the next thing I know the lady is staring at me with the crazy smile and I was so scared and started crying but when I started crying I heard a soothing voice saying to me  "my sweet baby girl always remember tho you cry after the tears dry I will be there to hug you even if u cant see me baby" when I opened my eyes the lady was gone and standing at the foot of my bed was my mother she looked sad and lonly what she seid next made me wanna cry and hug her but I culdent she seid "my sweet baby girl dont be sad dont let life bring you down like me  baby girl pleas dry your tears tho im not hear im with u in your heart and in your memory and as she seid this she started crying so i seid "momma when life gives up on me what do i do? she dident awnser. suddenly I was woken up by my dad saying my name when I opened my eyes i couldn't help but cry and when I explained what had happened and he said I know she been visiting me too. every so often I sleep with her picker frame.

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Now stop lying abt this shit bro ain't nobody thinkin this true

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hi im wolf thats my nickname and im 14 im a female and i love going outside and doing stuff that can get my hands derty [More]...

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