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heyy anybody on rn?
guys i dont feel well
How to use the ouju board
for the longest time ive had this erry feeling that im constantly being watched
I wish my mther diddnt die
LifeLong sure, I'm just hesitant
who wants to be my bf I'm 16 an fr so lonely
our anyone on here
I have a big dick
Ik krijg geen contact, moet wat fout doen, maar weet niet wat
"Global monopolies, governments, a forum of god complexes, media giants, politicians with stock investments and have/still work for pharmaceutical corporations gathering, censoring, literally using the terms "our agenda, narrative control, etc and yet still no one smells smoke."

Economic collapse is coming.
It's not a vaccine....
The inhabitants of this planet need to honor the Spirit of the earth.
The attitudes of 7 billion humans are affecting Earth's magnetic field. Mankind is breaking the natural laws that govern life. We are becoming buried more and more under the mistakes we are making, and if we continue these mistakes, we won't be able to dig ourselves out of the ditch. Mother nature is divine, and mother nature will show divine disapproval.
Competition is natural to the ignorant; cooperation is natural to the wise.

All people have the right to become illuminated through self discipline and self improvement.
We are multi-vibrational beings descending lower, unfortunately for mankind. In fact, this vaccine agenda is going to change humans as we know it, into singular dimensional beings. The god light is being snuffed out of the human experience. We have to save ourselves now.
My daily commandments:
Written by Manly P. Hall

1-Be in childhood modest, in youth temperate, in manhood just, in old age prudent-then die untroubled.

2-Follow God.

3-Obey the law.

4-Worship the gods.

5-Suffer for justice.

6-Respect hospitality.

7-Govern anger.

8-Exercise prudence.

9-Love Friendship.

10-Honor providence.

11-Emulate wisdom.

12-Praise virtue.

13-Do that which is just.

14-Practice generosity.

15-Be a lover of Wisdom.

16-What you know, do.

17-Converse with the wise.

18-Reverence the good.

19-Curb thy tongue.

20-Use wealth wisely.

21-Be grateful.

22-Wait for opportunity.

23-Expect age.

24-Boast not of strength.

25-Be never weary of learning.

26-Blame not the absent.

27-Teach those who are younger.

28-Put no faith in wealth.

29-Trust not fortune.

30-Keep secrets.

31-Honor yourself.

32-Return what is not your own.

33-Abstain from bloodshed.

34-Desire nothing unreasonable.

35-Trust no man-distrust no man.

36--Blame only those who are present.

37-Search into evil, but be not corrupted.

38-Be gentle to all.

39-Honor the ancestors.

40-Deride not the dead.

41-Criticize not the unhappy.

42-Be not troubled.

43-Be as generous to yourself as to your friend.

44-Apply thyself to discipline.

45-Pursue that which is noble.

46-Descend not from generals to particulars.

47-Be economical of time.

48-Instruct your children.

49-If you have, withhold nothing.

50-Fear most deceit.

51-Speak well of every man.

52-Judge honestly.

53-Approve hope.

54-Acknowledge superiority.

55-Rejoice in greatness.

56-Avoid dissension.

57-Be fearless in undertaking.

58-Admire the oracles.

59-Love those you serve.

60-Promise nothing.

Most people don't know this, but sugar in the brain will stop psychic intuition, and I noticed that since I've given up sugar, that I have a lot more intuition.

Fasting is also a good thing. If I ate sugar now, it would affect me in bad ways, considering I have not eaten sugars, except for, the sweetest thing I started eating, after 4 months, were organic apples. Then after 6 months I started eating oranges, which have less sugar than apples.

I spend all my free time, listening to my teacher. When I am at home, all I do is study. My teacher is Manly P. Hall. So I spend my free time in study.
Live for body health over lower self.
I am so high right now, wow, well, I do work at a dispensary, so that is a blessing. I love my job. I love life. Good stuff happening right now. My health is amazing compared to what it was. Well, I am a vegan, vegetarian, anti sugar, no flour, pastries, donuts. No pizza or wings, no chicken, no fries , no bbq.. well I am on a spiritual diet. I gave up all of my favorite foods. I really did.
Guys, I'm sorry, the ghost stories website is kind of a mess, but I am almost done. Thank you all for bearing with me, this ghost stories website is my 7 year project. Over the past 7 years I have mastered front end development, so now I am implementing improvements, which causes construction mess. The ghost stories website is almost done. You all can post fine though. What do you think, Feedback, Suggestions?
"It’s not a virus, as viruses have never been proven to exist. It is a bio weapon which is extremely effective against elderly, obese, diabetic, low vitamin D, and/or otherwise compromised humans. Chemicals are sprayed on use daily. Electromagnetic radiation is beamed at us 24/7. These are the cause of bodily disruptions. It’s a planned takedown of humanity. Prove me wrong"
"The spike protein is a vector for the bioweapon - to usher in a bio-security state - the citizen of the state, a bio-hazard.

This is beyond frightening - what is happening is demonic.

The fraud is clear - bigger fraud is the financial system that is running this con."
Anyone that researches Covid would know that the news is all a lie. I don't read or watch the news because it is all a lie. Everything is a lie, the entire Covid narrative is a lie. And the rest of the news is make believe entertainment. The point is, the entire Covid narrative is a depopulation event in disguise.
I really love people. Here is why, when we learn to love life, people become part of this picture here in life, and people are the colors of picture. If we don't like people then we don't like the picture we are creating with the mind. And the picture that I am creating with the mind involves many colors, it is called living life in full spectrum.

Do I just wake up really high every day? Well, I do work with cannabis all day so when I get home I take a few hundred Mill of THC every night. And I wake up every morning super high. It is a very interesting experience.
There 441 people using My ghost right now, there are a lot of awesome people browsing the ghost stories website right now, and that really warms my heart. Omg, it is so heart warming to see people using the ghost stories website. So much love to you all. is the most haunted website on the internet, in a good way.
Wow guys, thanks for signing up, feel free to drop your thoughts here in the thought box, I have 3 days off work right now, well not right now but after today, and I am going to use the time to finish the site.

Here is what is unfinished, when you login, the sidebar navigation, those pages attached to logged in sidebar navigation just need an update to the templates. I built this entire site over the course of 6 years. We all love a good ghost story.

I also study conspiracy, which I call the truth.
Your mind is an interdimensional portal. Use it to explore the cosmos.
I love Manly P. Hall, this one is not human, but way beyond human. A spiritual leader among humans. Perhaps the greatest human whoever lived. Surely.
There is no such thing as evil, there is only good, and the misuse of energy, and through the misunderstanding and misuse of life, humans abuse the purpose of life, and these abuses are detrimental and tear down the human experience. We can't tear down the human experience otherwise the entire purpose of living goes out the window, and materialism and the false need for success creates an illusion of understanding what life is Not about.

Success is the drive of a cancer cell. Our purpose in life is to love nature as ourself. You see, we are nature beings. We are one, and we must connect with nature as the true goddess of this world. The divine feminine virtue of caring is mother nature.
What are my thoughts on Covid? Well, let us say, well, population reduction is the key understanding the Coverup that is the Covid scam. It is all about the vaccine, that is not a vaccine, but a kill shot. And this is the crux of my beliefs.
I'm so glad I don't use Twitter anymore. Twitter restrictions got bad, very bad. No one can mention Covid, and the 5G connection. The vaccine is the monster. Twitter would not let me criticize the vaccine without getting tweets removed. The bottom line is, I created this thought box to post my thoughts, and to get away from Twitter, which, the people were awesome. But Twitter didn't like my tweets about Covid, therefore I didn't like Twitter.
I wasn't able to get much done on the site last night, just too tired. I love the site. And the more love I have for people, the less problems I have in life, ironically. Forgiveness, love, and understanding is key to living free. Let go of the ego, and move on with life because great things are waiting for those who move forward with a positive attitude.
It amazes me how modern television comedy is used to influence emotional behavior over the masses, and not in a good Way. Of course I don't like television. Television is the hive mind of the secular society, television controls what people think. And it is a bad thing, and that is all I am going to say.
Well, just got home, ate dinner, now it is time to work on the site, for two hours, I really force myself sometimes, even though I am already tired, let us see if I can catch a second wind. I'm a budtender you could say. I mean, i work at a dispensary and I absolutely love my job, really I just love working for the company. Fun times.
I'm trying to do as much work to the site as I can before I actually go to work for the day.
Happy New Year.
You guys will find some broken links in the profile sections of conspiracy, that is something i am working on, and done for now. I'm done for today that is.
I spend at least ten hours a day working on this site, and the design I am implementing is my breakthrough design, it is gonna take the site to a whole new level. I love this site, I thank the Goddess for this site. It is a blessing to me.
On a planetary scale, this world suffers from materialism. And our worldly problems that man creates are called secular world problems. The secular man developed and nurtured a secular society, and this secular society is a monster of the collective consciousness, starting with the head of the dragon, which is Government. To rule over the secular culture. We have to see beyond this material dungeon called the lower frequency reality, a reality where chaos creates chains that imprison the material man to a system of diabolical control, but we as spiritual, multidimensional beings, we must look within to discover the spiritual source of our purpose in this life, the heaven within us is our connection to nature.
This website is a puzzle, and it has taken me years to put all the pieces together. I started learning software in 2014, then I started the website on my birthday, it was on my birthday when I came up with this idea for the ghost stories website in January of 2017, and the rest is history.

I appreciate everyone who uses and reads the stories, and posts. My sincerest appreciation extends to those who are visiting the ghost stories website.

There are things I want to do to the ghost stories website, and my love is to work on this site, this site was created for anyone to sign up and share stories, conspiracies, and get answers.

(This is the shoutbox and anyone can use it.
You never know what lurks behind closed doors, so it is better just to leave some doors shut. Don't open strange doors, and don't open doors for strangers.
Do not watch television. Do not watch television, movies, entertainment. Why? Television is meant to feed and nurture the lower self, it is poison to the overall health of the spiritual being. Television is a corruption of spiritual focus because it causes the individual to focus on the lower self mentality. Television is a negative energy of the worst kind. Throw away your television, I did, I tossed that sucker in the trash where it belongs.
I only want to talk good about people, people are good, but this world does some horrible things to people, but what in the world is it that does bad things to people? Well other people who abuse life, and lose touch with the sacred consciousness. We all have to live our best life, but the hardest part is seeing past the illusion of the magical influence over the minds and the people who live on this earth. The magical influence of television, movies, the media and the culture that is a sewer of lower self ideas, and none of these ideas are helping humanity, but look where we are, it seems as if the great depopulation event is upon us, and no one can see it.
Perfecting this ghost stories website over the gradual years, follows the perfecting of my life, in general. I'm still perfecting the ghost stories website, and I am still perfecting my life. But what am I perfecting about my life?
My connection to the higher self, my connection to people. I am perfecting my connection with understanding, not what the mind wants to think, but how the higher self wants to be the leader of my life, not allowing the lower self to take over because the lower self is the material self, and the material self lives for the secular world that is an illusion of the material world.
I wanted to create a tweet style box where the submit button only activates when I type into the box, the box counts characters, and disappears when I submit the thought.

I created this thought stream for anyone to use. Twitter was censoring a lot of people, there is no free speech on twitter anymore. You cannot say what you want on Twitter. I got censored over my Covid tweets on multiple occasions. Finally I gave up on Twitter. I can build my own thought box, and I did.
I created this Twitter style stream with an awesome box that I call the thought box. It took me many hours of coding, but the results are perfect. The tweet style box that I type into, is just amazing. I don't even know how I was able to code this, my coding skills are just good, I can code anything that I put my mind to.
Everything in this world is veiled in secrecy, and always has been. And these secrets are the keys to the mysteries, what people think is reality is not.
Every day is a good day.
my name is betty parris im 8 and im from salem mass the is the year still 1692
i am Emily ive possessd this body to live agein
avatar it bad that i played with an ouija board alone?..
@Mr. Ghost Stories Thank you so much for the kind words. I really appreciate all the support your community has provided for me. Tweet it out as many times as you would like!
@Mr. Ghost Stories Yeah I think it strikes me more as mischievous now that I look back at it. At the time, my friend and I were pretty scared though since what we felt differs quite a bit from the photo taken. We honestly lost our breath for a second and rushed out of where we were since we no longer felt welcomed.
@Mr. Ghost Stories Yo, I appreciate all the support. Hopefully more will be able to see it. I'm not sure what it is and I didn't see anything when I took the picture so I was hoping to get some experts to take a look at it. You have any idea what kind of paranormal entity it could be?
Yo check out the photo I posted


This does seem a bit sketchy, given that that isn't usually how a Ouija board usually works...? It could be true, just seems a bit off to me.
AceOf_Spades in Ghost Behind the Gate
wow that sounds absolutely horrifying. also kind of funny how scared the nurse was though.
AceOf_Spades in A child
That sounds very interesting yet absolutely horrifying at the same time
dang....I had some sort of dream like that before,,,btw irl not a fake
Beststoryteller2.0 in the clown
01-08-24LucyMartinez2324 Wrote: Damn I hope that clown doesn't appear again hope you okay

hey! i'm new to this and I would like to know more about it!

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