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Each ghost stories is written by a real person, and considered 100% true. Some stories can be extremely scary, please read with caution.
late night very dark
posted in Frightening Encounters by Lonewolf 01-12-24
sorry for not getting into detail on the first story of yeah and if you ask what happened to mee mee they are now trans so to be respectful I call her a him now
posted in Demons and Possessions by Minty_666 12-19-23
Why would I do that
posted in Cemetery Ghosts by Raven Melling 11-06-23
I had this dream last year it still haunts and sends shivers down my spine
posted in Ghost Dreams by Raven Melling 11-06-23
From the point of view from when I was younger...
posted in Friendly Visits by Born_unhappy 11-03-23
I am 13 and I can see spirits. I was born cursed
posted in Demons and Possessions by Raven Melling 11-03-23
this is my story about a demon who haunted me
posted in Demons and Possessions by john harden 11-01-23

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