From cemeteries to haunted houses, from phantom apparitions to demon possessions and black-eyed children, and everything in between, browse the widest arrangement of true ghost stories on the web, including real ouija board stories, and ghostly sound recordings. These ghost stories are written by real people. Each ghost story is considered 100% true. Some stories can be extremely scary, please read with caution.
Demonic possession of politicians and the MSM
posted in General Stories by Memory Regained on 09-06-21
All true experiences
posted in Spells and Curses by JadeMarieCursedWoman on 07-24-21
I did not know how to react.
posted in Frightening Encounters by youngmeg on 06-24-21
A girl bought a new cell phone...(see what happens)
posted in General Stories by they.ad0re_ari on 08-25-20
This is a ghost story about a ghost story.
posted in General Stories by Mr. Ghost Stories on 04-13-20
Did not see anything when I took the picture.
posted in General Stories by JohnBurvee45 on 12-07-19
This Took Place At Medfield State Hospital
posted in General Stories by DrMarkBLinn on 09-16-19
I do not remember anything because he does not show his face because he is black
posted in General Stories by I'm scared of him on 08-19-19
my true story about cleaning an abandoned cemetery
posted in Cemetery Ghosts by ToxicVet on 08-01-19
Spontaneous Combustion
posted in General Stories by Keith Linder on 06-25-19

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