11 Stories
Some haunted military forts I got to visit.
We had a ghostly visitor during a home renovation project.
I might have promised too much for one post but I’ll try to fit it all in.
by CamQuinnin Haunted Places 08-05-18
I was employed as a weekend chambermaid at a grand old local hotel, there was one room at the end of the hall where odd things would happen.
by ghostgirlin Haunted Places 07-30-18
I already covered the darkness my sister and I experienced in one room of this house
by Mandain Haunted Places 07-17-18
I’ve gone back and forth on which story to share on this site, pretty much since I found Mr. Ghost Stories on Twitter.
by CamQuinnin Haunted Places 07-05-18
I never knew the real name of the Ghost I grew up with..
Although our mother was seemingly unconvinced of the truth of our story she asked us not to tell our father what we had allegedly experienced.
by Countessin Haunted Places 06-07-18
I can't begin to tell you how many times I've sat down and written, or partially written, this all down....and then erased it.
My tale is set in Manchester, in an ordinary council house built in the 1960's, which I was sharing with two friends. It takes place on new year's day 1998.
by BeccaT13in Haunted Places 04-08-18
11 Stories

A haunted place is a home, business, or location that is also occupied by a supernatural entity, a poltergeist, or the spirit of the dead.

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