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a recent encounter  with more detail

a recent encounter with more detail

sorry for not getting into detail on the first story of yeah and if you ask what happened to mee mee they are now trans so to be respectful I call her a him now
Hi I am Minty and this is "A recent encounter" ever since I was younger I've had strange imaginary friends this is a story about Happy. Happy I remember her being female she had pale skin, long reddish orange hair and a very long neck. What I remember is because of old drawings. okay so it was a normal day I came home from school usually when I come in the house I can smell bleach because my auntie would clean the house while I was at school but today it smelt like something had died I went to find my auntie and she had not been here today so I checked on my dog's and their was a dead rat I cleaned them and the room it was normal because we had just got a new hipper puppy who had gotten in things he wasn't supposed to. My auntie came back to the house a few hours later and she brought my cousin. My cousin was a few years younger than me and was an annoying pain. right as soon as he walked in I asked my auntie what he was doing here she said he wanted to stay the night and she was going to get dinner.my cousin and I were watching a series I have been interested in my little cousin left to go use the bathroom so I was left alone again. out of the corner of my eyes I can see a woman she was just staring at me I froze in fear my little cousin came back and she vanished I tried to play it off and we continued the episodes. I was going through my phone and I had seen a video about "the long neck woman" apparently if you keep seeing this woman with a long neck it could be one of your sisters or your mom or anyone related to you that is female. A few days later I wanted to test the women in my house so I asked every female that was living with me at the time but it was no luck. at the time this was happening I had just found a new way to communicate with the dead so I tried it let's just call it sleep walking. while I went to bed I tried to communicate with her and soon got bored I asked my auntie to invite my cousin and she agreed so the next night he came over and my auntie left to go to work. Me and him got a Ouija board and we played it. the game was normal my cousin kept trying to trick me so I kinda slapped him-. and then we continued to play the game but more serious we started with normal questions like "is there a ghost here" "what's your name" and more. After a while I can tell he was getting bored so I just put on the TV and we watched a movie but after a while we can hear someone calling mine and his name I jumped she was calling me my nickname lulu and she was calling my cousin mee mee. after a while of hearing them call out our name we can tell the voice wasn't my auntie and it sounded like my mother but my mother had been in prison at the time and she still is. my little cousin being him wanted  to go see and I couldn't keep him from whoever was calling so I let him he came back and said it was auntie (aka my mom) I told him he was lying but still to this day he swears he is not

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pictures are not mine!! i am a medium basically when i sleep spirits can tell me messages and i can see and hear them i've had this power since i was around 6 and i have an amazing memory my method name is called sleep walking and i have many more methods one of them is called wake up basically where i can see their pov or how they died [More]...

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