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sorry for not getting into detail on the first story of yeah and if you ask what happened to mee mee they are now trans so to be respectful I call her a him now
I am 13 and I can see spirits. I was born cursed
this is my story about a demon who haunted me
like you heard in the story "mr smiley" i've had many imaginary friends this one was a calmer one but still gives me the creeps i haven't seen her for years and just a few days ago i seen her once more
this is encounters with mr smiley i've had many "imaginary friends" but this one was different i thought he was a normal imaginary friend but now i don't like him and this is a true story (i've had a good memory ever since i was younger)
this was in a 2 bedroom home, my step sis got the 2nd bedroom i was in the living room
Am I possessed or is something following me?
My mom and I lived in a haunted apartment for 19 years, this is one of our strange and scary stories.
9 Stories

Demons are ancient spiritual beings with supernatural powers, and are typically associated with evil and black magic.

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