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The time I had a night terror

The time I had a night terror

One day I started to have a night terror and my family was watching me have a night terror and when I was sleeping I started to shake my whole body was shaking and my family was worried about me because this never happened to me and at that time it was night time and the night terror was scary to where I started to cry and I woke up breathing so fast. It was scary for me I did not like it, it started every single day now. The night terror was the I was getting chased by a really weird figure I couldn't tell what it was I started to run for my like and my plan was to run somewhere that there are people but then I just remembered my parents were home so I ran to my but it toke so long to get to my house because I was 3 miles away and I was so scared I almost stopped running and I almost died but I just keep running and that figure was still chasing me I was close to my house and then I turned around and that figure was not there anymore so then I just keep running and then I made it home and the figure made it to my house first before I did I did not see me parents home so that was a sign that they were dead. The figure was a vampire I thought but it wasn't I couldn't tell was it was. I woke up and my family was there with me I cryed and cryed my family asked me if I can tell them what happened and I couldn't tell them I was to scared to tell them.

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I love demonic stuff I would love to talk to a real one I like to do any horror games my mom past away agaus 6 2022 [More]...

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