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"I'm the kind of person where, if one of my mates or people I love are struggling in some way, I will go out of my way to make sure they are ok."
posted in by RJCoxParanormal
"This is another true story I have experienced."
posted in by COURTNEYPAYNE@1
"The scary thing is, when I call out my grandma's name, the presence seems to disappear."
posted in by RJCoxParanormal
"This is an extremely long story as I've had to cram 2 and a half years of hauntings into this, but believe me, it's well worth the read..."
posted in by Guest
"For many, this is just another story of weird paranormal mumbo jumbo. You'll blow this off like many did the Phoenix Lights. But for some, very few, you're curious like I was and you will start your search as I once did about the truth. "
posted in by Hannah allen
"The baby floated past my trash can and looked at me..."
posted in by Countess
"I have often since contemplated on my nocturnal visitor and speculated as to why she chose to come by that night. Perhaps I'll never have an answer, maybe I'd rather not know!"
posted in by malevolentone
"Hi all, newbie here. Here's my first story:"
posted in by Guest
"I used to make Lyle jugs of herbal tea, and for Christmas I bought him a flannel shirt."
posted in by Guest


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