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Dream Within a Dream

Dream Within a Dream

" i fell asleep and woke up in my dream to see a person staring at me. "
(When this happened i was about 12 or 13, and i has insomnia) 
    i was having difficulty falling asleep, which was normal but this time felt different. most of the times when i couldn't have asleep it was because either my thoughts wouldn't allow me to, i just wasn't tired, or i was wired from the day. This time though felt different, i felt wired but not because of the day, i felt like a presentence was in my room. every little creak would jolt me right back awake, at some point the creaks and noises stopped and i finally fell asleep.
    I woke up in my dream, but because it felt so real i thought i did actually wake up, and when i woke up in the dream i felt something staring at me and i felt the urge to look around my room, at my chair that was by my bed to be exact. So i sat up and looked at my chair, and saw somebody sitting in the chair looking at me, though for some reason i felt safe and not scared. i cant tell what he exactly looked like because i don't remember. Everytime i try to remember it pops up in my mind for a second and then disappears and i feel like it was on the tip of my mind but no matter how hard i tried i cant remember what he looked like. anyways, i look at him and he looked at me, we stayed like this for about a minute or two. Then he said something that i know was very important, but like his appearance, i cant remember what he said. all i know is that its super important and its something that could change everything that we as humans think. 
    in my dream i had a sudden urge to go back to "sleep" so did so, and then i had another dream, though this dream was inside the other dream. All i remember is colors, colors that i've never seen before. i can remember them but i the colors are so unlike any other colors i've ever seen. they weren't dark, or light, they were something entirely different. i've had a lot of dreams were i've seen different colors and this was the first time. all of the sudden there was a flash, the flash was the prettiest color i've ever seen, but hurt my eyes. i woke up from both dreams and sat up very fast. i looked at my chair and it was turned the wrong way...it was turned facing my bed instead of away from the bed as i usually do..
    this is not the first time i've ever had weird..experience, but this is the clearest one ive had in a dream.
(the photo is from google its not my actual room, and the man looked real and not like a ghost)

© Crow - 10-01-21


i would love to hear about any of your experience if it is dreams or not


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Hello, i am a teenager who loves the paranormal. i believe there is more then what we think and that the key might be what people call paranormal, i have had a couple experiences and heard about multiple experiences from friends and family. I love mysteries, mythology, astrology, philosophy, and love experiences hearing paranormal activity. [More]...

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