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scared sh*tless

scared sh*tless

" I did not know how to react. "
So at my house we have so many things to talk to ghosts. but we only use our voice box,ouji board and some other thing. well i decide to turn on the voice box, but as soon as im about to ask a question i hear five words automatically: " KILL", "LIE", "FAMILY", "SEVEN", But then they say "NAOMI" my 2yr old daughter's name. as an 18 yr old father or any father with no other support your daughters safety comes first so i called my mom and made sure she was fine, well the next day i turn on the box and hear a full sentence saying "watch your back chandler". so i went on the internet for five star ghost hunters the cheapest pay was 5 grand. i called my connections for money. when they got there they told me to find an apartment for a couple days. when i came home to talk to them 4 days after they told me history of the house and showed me their recordings and the word "DEMON" was used multiple times. but you also had the regulars like: get out, prisoner, die, kill, and at one point a spirit said clear as day: "IM ZOÈ" . So moved from oklahoma to alaska. and the nearest person is 103.8 acres away from me and my daughter.

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im so glad my daughter is safe though.

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Wow, that is so creepy, I hope you r okay, do you have anymore stories?


i got a few from my childhood(6 to 9)

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06-29-21youngmeg Wrote: i got a few from my childhood(6 to 9)

These ghost stories stories are so interesting to read, thanks for sharing them, I do hope you post more soon, and I hope you and your son are safe now, always.


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