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A Visit From My Old Friend

A Visit From My Old Friend

I both sobbed and yelled at him when he appeared
This Story that I'm about to tell you all, will basically make you cry. (possibly) ;-;
So, This takes me and us all the way back to 2016. 

About 5 years ago, I had a friend that was probably the most closest friend that I ever had and he was literally the most amazing person I've ever met back then. He was my best friend and he was caring, lovable, and just a tad bit over protective. I honestly cannot describe him just one word. On July 30th, 2016 that day we were hanging out just us taking a nice walk around the neighborhood and about like 30 minutes later we hear shooting somewhere close in a neighborhood. It was scary and I honestly did not want to go any were near it but he did. (oops I forgot to tell you, his name was Zack) Anyways, we both go running towards the noise and shooting and screaming and all that and I see the and I quote "the shooter" but the guy didn't have a ski mask on apparently. I looked at this dude and said he looked dumb and basically almost got myself killed but I hid cause I didn't want to die. Then as I hid I realized Zack took after the guy and tried fighting him which I thought was A. Stupid and B. with is wrong with you. I covered my ears from all the noise and then heard silence... The guy got away...Zack was faced down on the ground dead and I ran over scared for my life crying trying to get him to respond and I just basically was totally traumatized... Few years later, I forgot everything because my mind was surrounded with sadness and anger. I literally thought it was my fault for letting my best friend get killed by someone and do nothing about it... I was scared and I beat myself up every day. A few days later I sat in my room praying to god to bring him back. I prayed and prayed, until I felt something touch my shoulder, I looked up feeling a hand touch my shoulder and with tears in my eyes my lord I swear I was dreaming but I wasn't. It was him... It was my best friend right in front of me smiling and with the softest words and they were faint, "I love you, and I'll never leave your side ever again".

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