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An apparition is a ghost that makes its presence known through sight and usually takes on the foggy, vaporous appearance of its former physical body in order to manifest itself for a few moments before disappearing. Apparitions can be accompanied by smells that are reminiscent of its former physical interests, such as the smell of perfume, cologne, cigar or cigarette smoke.
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Cemetery Ghosts
A cemetery ghost is a spirit that often feels forsaken, desperate and lonely, it therefore chooses to dwell among the tombstones and burial grounds that contain the graves of people who have passed into the afterlife. It is thought that a cemetery ghost is drawn back to its own body or the graves of loved ones because it is unable to accept the fact it has died and no longer dwells in a physical body. You may sense a cemetery ghost through visual sight, the smell of flowers or rotting flesh, or you might even hear enigmatic sounds such as a soft whisper in the wind. You may also get an overwhelming feeling of despair and depression when in the unseen presence of a cemetery ghost.
1 1 300 year old cemetery
by ToxicVet
Demons and Possessions
A demon is an ancient spiritual being that is typically associated with negative magic. It is said that demons have the power to possess or influence human behavior in negative ways. When a demonic entity chooses to torment a victim, only the faith of the victim can break the curse of a demon. It is not uncommon for a demon to haunt or take control of a particular location where occult activity has occurred. Demons thrive on violence and fear and have the ability to cause their victims to act completely irrational and even inflict pain upon themselves or others.
2 4 Am I possessed!?
by Layla
EVP Recordings
E.V.P is also known as electronic voice phenomenon. Using voice recorders, the investigator tries to capture the disembodied voices of ghosts that are often thought of humans who have died and make themselves known through anomalous responses that are captured on either a digital or cassette tape recorder. These spirits are usually coaxed into responses by questions that are asked by those who are doing the recording, such as paranormal investigators seeking evidence of the afterlife or spiritual psychics looking for particular answers from a spririt, for reasons such as family closure and unfinished business.
4 10 good puppy
by IsaiahMemly
Friendly Visits
People around the world have reported seeing or feeling a dead relative or close friend that is no longer living. These mysterious occurrences are helpful in nature and often regards a personal message, one that assists with the grieving process. In this instance, a spirit may have a need to tell a loved one something important, for reasons between the ghost and the receiver of the message.
5 13 A Visit From My Old Frien...
by shadhunter1116
General Stories
General Stories describe common paranormal experiences that are aligned with typical hauntings, spirits, and ghosts.
77 173 Paranormal Entity in Upst...
by Steph
Frightening Encounters
A frightening encounter can be alarming and dreadful to the witness, these types of paranormal encounters are terrifying in nature, and cause shocking emotions, and thoughts of horror. Witnessing such a terrible paranormal event is usually life changing, and can give the witness nightmares, and stressful memories that linger for years.
6 13 Awakened
by Crow
Ghost Animals
Ghost animals are usually the spirits of deceased animals. Most commonly, a ghost animal appears as a visual apparition. It is not uncommon for a ghost animal to haunt the area where it may have died, or where it may have lived during its life on earth. It is also possible for a highly evolved spiritual entity to take on the form of a ghost animal, for reasons unknown. When in the presence of a ghost animal, a person may feel an unexplainable cold chill, that is usually accompanied by inexplicable smells that are not common to the area.
1 2 A Little Foalish Havoc...
by Wayne
Ghost Children
A ghost child is the adolescent spirit of a young human. When in the presence of a ghost child, a person may feel a light tug on their clothing, or hear the laughter and giggling of an invisible child's voice, with no explanation. Black-eyed children are referred to as such because of their huge black eyes and scary appearance. Black-eyed children are thought to be children who are possessed or under the influence of the supernatural, these spooky children may have psychic powers, such as being able to read minds and move objects.
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Haunted Objects
A haunted object is a material object that is usually cursed or possessed by a non-human entity, or the spirit of its previous owner, or a ghost that has taken on an attachment to an for unknown reasons. Haunted objects are said to take on a life of their own, and may bring a curse or good luck to their owners. A haunted object may also bring an attached spirit into the home.
1 2 The Figurines
by Guest
Ghost Dreams
Ghost dreams occur when a paranormal entity gains access to a person's dream state through the 5th sleep stage known as REM sleep. The person who is dreaming may see, meet, or witness someone who has passed away, this ghost may appear as a relative, friend or complete stranger to the dreamer. A dream ghost may also cause the dreamer to sense a haunting, yet invisible presence that can feel overwhelming. It is not uncommon for this kind of ghost to show up in dreams to relay messages of business that was left unfinished on earth.
2 5 Dream Within a Dream
by Crow
Ghost Photographs
A ghost photograph is photo that captures visual oddities, or light anomalies that can only be described as paranormal.
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Haunted Places
Haunted palces are structures that are either currently or were once occupied by a human residence, such as a family residence, or a business. Many times, a home or structure can be the permanent dwelling for many people over a span of many years and may incur many different emotional imprints such as tragedy, death, murder, and suicide. A place that is haunted may show evidence of paranormal activity including visual phenomena such the appearance of apparitions, orbs, shadows, and mysterious lights and sometimes even creatures or beings with otherworldly features. Paranormal activity can also include a wide range of peculiarities such as the moving of objects by unseen forces, strange sounds caused by unknown sources, smells that are enigmatic in nature, or the feeling of being touched by invisible or mysterious force, without any explanation.
10 24 A Ghostly Visitor
by Www.hauntedhistoryjaunts.com
Haunted People
Haunted people is a term used to describe a class of people who themselves experience unexplainable, otherworldly phenomenon that has no earthly explanation and can only be described as unnatural and paranormal. It is not completely explainable how a person may become haunted but theories range. Some experts claim that haunted people have opened 'gates' within their minds and have the ability to access supernatural realms through these supposed gates.
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Hospital Ghost Stories
It is not uncommon for a hospital to have paranormal activity due to the life and death occurrences that often take place in hospitals, as well as the high amount of human traffic and energy that inhabit the atmosphere. Ghosts may be drawn or dwell around hospitals due to this high amount of energy, emotion, and death.
1 1 Ghost Behind the Gate
by LeoRizzuti
Incubus and Succubus
An incubus is known as a male erotic demon. This type of paranormal entity is known to assault victims while remaining invisible, the victim may feel as if they are being violated or assaulted in a sexual manner. A succubus is the female version of an incubus.
1 2 Midnight Visitor
by Mr. Ghost Stories
Near Death Experiences
A near death experience is a mysterious event that occurs when a person is close to death and experiences an unexplainable situation in which the mind feels disconnected from the body, at this moment a person may also feel a sense of supernatural sense of perception. Some have reported seeing a white light an feeling a sense of love and peace during a near death experience.
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Night Terrors and Old Hags
Night terrors are associated with waking up or falling asleep, when suddenly the victim is unable to move, and the body becomes paralyzed as if an unseen weight is sitting upon it, which often causes feelings of panic and dread.
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Orbs and Lights
Orbs are known in the paranormal field as being ghostly in nature and may be the spirit of a deceased person. A spirit orb is often round in nature, and usually between the size of a golf ball and the size of a baseball, and carry a glow that illuminates the round feature of the orb. Like orbs, a ghost light is thought to be the illuminating energy spirit, manifesting itself as a bright glow.
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Psychic Experiences
A psychic utilizes extrasensory perception (ESP) to distinguish information stowed away from the ordinary senses, especially including clairvoyance or second insight, or who performs acts that are evidently mystifying by normal laws, for example, psychokinesis or telepathy.
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Spells and Curses
A spell, an appeal, a charm or a bewitchery, is an enchanted equation planned to trigger a mysterious impact on an individual or items. A negative spell is known as a curse, a curse is meant to invoke a supernatural influence to inflict harm or punishment on someone.
1 24 My First Experience
by JadeMarieCursedWoman
Ouija Board Stories
The Ouija also known as a spirit board or talking board, is a flat board marked with the letters of the alphabet, the numbers 0–9, many people claim to have witnessed paranormal events brought on by the use a spirit board, also known as a 'Ouija Board'.
7 34 Fatal Ouija Board
by Layla
A poltergeist is a type of ghost that is known to manifest itself through physical means, such as knocking on walls and ceilings, moving objects such as tables and chairs and touching and scratching or even pushing those who encounter these mischievous spirit types.
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Monsters and Cryptids
With a grotesque, unnatural appearance, a monster is a creature or supernatural being with horrifying human or animal characteristic, sometimes both. Monsters are said to perform cruel, and unnatural acts. Cryptids are paranormal animals whose existence has yet to be proven by science.
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