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7 Ghost Story

7 Ghost Stories

College years were less stressful because of a ghost
posted in Friendly Visits - 05-12-19
A voice in the night sends me to sleep
posted in Friendly Visits - 04-01-19
Mirrors allow us to look at ourselves whenever we want to look how good (or not-so-good) we look.
posted in Spiritual Beings - 03-26-19
N.B. This is a short story from my husband, who claimed to have came face-to-face with a vampire-like creature in Philippine folklore called an Aswang. It is up to the reader if they wish to believe in this or not.
posted in General Ghost Stories - 02-16-19
N.B. This experience comes from my husband who is sensitive. He has given me permission to share this on I have also added parts of which I myself have witnessed to give our 'shared experience' more depth and context.
posted in Demons and Possessions - 02-16-19

Content strategist. Dark fantasy + historical fiction writer. Book blogger. Amateur paranormal investigator. Takoyaki fan.

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