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Watching over me

Watching over me

I could always sense when there's spirits around. This is my story.
I could always sense when there's spirits around.  Not see them,  just know they're here.  Well,  one night I was staying at my grandparents home and had just been tucked in to bed, grandma turned off the light and closed the door.  As she left , she turned on the hall light so it wasn't dark in case I had to use the bathroom.   As I laid there,  I heard footsteps from the hall.  It was an old house so creaky floors were normal.  I assumed is was my grandparents, except I could hear them laughing downstairs.  Then,  at the foot of my bed I saw a man standing there.  He was wearing a suit from the 1940's and was carrying a man's fedora.  For a moment I was frightened,  but he walked to my side,  smoothed my covers over me,  gently brushed my hair from my eyes and smiled.  Then he just disappeared.  

The next day I told my grandma about my experience.  I described the man and suddenly she teared up.  She told me that that was her father just making sure I was tucked in,  just like he used to do to her when she was young.

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