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The Ghost Girl Of Medfield

The Ghost Girl Of Medfield

This Took Place At Medfield State Hospital
This happened between March-April of 2013.  I visited Medfield State Hospital (1893-2003) in Medfield, MA with a group of seven friends, four girls, and three guys.  We had visited this historic site three different times from March-May 2013.  It was still coming out of Winter and there was snow on the ground and it was really cold and windy.  I might add that this place is not listed as being "haunted".  We just wanted to check it out, because it had not closed too many years ago.  And it was a pretty neat ghost town and place to visit.

The first two times we visited this place that was nothing too unusual about it and we felt absolutely nothing.  On the third and final visit, there seem to be some electricity in the air.  The atmosphere was much different on this visit than the previous two visits.  There are some buildings that you can enter on this large campus.  I saw this neat Victorian style house and you could say that I was drawn to it.  I looked through the window and I could hear as if someone was coming down the stairs and I actually saw dust get kicked up by the activity of it.  I went to grab the doorknob to open it and a spirit passed right through me and I went down on my knees.  My friend Shira Greenberg told me that my face changed when I looked at her when this happened and she slapped my hands off of the doorknob in reaction to this.

In the next couple of weeks it felt like someone had punched me in my stomach and I was going to throw up from it.  In my dreams while I was asleep at night, a ghost girl kept coming to me, and told me that her name was Adelina.  She told me that she had died in 1940 at 16 years old at Medfield State Hospital.  She came to me in my dreams about three times.  Later on I went down at work with a back injury.  I often wonder if it was from the spirit of Adelina passing through me and altering my body from the inside.  I will never forget her and I was truly touched by her spirit and her long lost story of her life.

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Wow, that's a really interesting story! I actually grew up in Waltham, and had heard stories about this location being haunted during the 1990's.

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