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Each ghost stories is written by a real person, and considered 100% true. Some stories can be extremely scary, please read with caution.
My name is Zelda Kelly and I am a psychic.
posted in General Stories by Psychic Kelly 08-13-18
A place where we had all shared some fabulous times and made some very wonderful memories.
posted in Friendly Visits by Countess 08-06-18
I might have promised too much for one post but I’ll try to fit it all in.
posted in Haunted Places by CamQuinn 08-05-18
I was employed as a weekend chambermaid at a grand old local hotel, there was one room at the end of the hall where odd things would happen.
posted in Haunted Places by ghostgirl 07-30-18
The adults regarded us suspiciously and seemed completely unconvinced by our recount.
posted in Frightening Encounters by Countess 07-22-18
For many years I was involved with animals in many aspects.
posted in Ghost Animals by WyspersInTheDark 07-21-18
I already covered the darkness my sister and I experienced in one room of this house
posted in Haunted Places by Manda 07-17-18
I could always sense when there's spirits around. This is my story.
posted in Friendly Visits by Rlcasella125 07-15-18
I was once the GM of a cafe in Methodist Hospital in Indianapolis, Indiana. One evening...
posted in Hospital Ghost Stories by LeoRizzuti 07-14-18

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