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Each ghost stories is written by a real person, and considered 100% true. Some stories can be extremely scary, please read with caution.
Although not strictly a 'ghost story' this is one of the most traumatic experiences I have ever had and it was most certainly a paranormal experience!
posted in Ghost Dreams by Countess 07-13-18
Although he sustained a fractured femur and a broken wrist you’ll be pleased to know Kevin made a full recovery. The rest of us vowed never to use a Ouija board again
posted in Ouija Board Stories by Countess 07-08-18
About mid 2010, I was caring for six elderly women in a Private In-Home Supportive Care House, in Clovis California. This is my story.
posted in Frightening Encounters by SophiaJurado 07-06-18
I’ve gone back and forth on which story to share on this site, pretty much since I found Mr. Ghost Stories on Twitter.
posted in Haunted Places by CamQuinn 07-05-18
Often when people here that I’m from Wyoming, they refer to covered wagons and rodeos.
posted in Frightening Encounters by Bodhi 06-20-18
I never knew the real name of the Ghost I grew up with..
posted in Haunted Places by Destinationsparanormal 06-07-18
Sometimes being an empath / clairaudient / clairvoyant / medium...and God Knows what else, can lead to some interesting situations. It can even put you in a humorously bad spot. Let me explain.
Although our mother was seemingly unconvinced of the truth of our story she asked us not to tell our father what we had allegedly experienced.
posted in Haunted Places by Countess 06-07-18
I can't begin to tell you how many times I've sat down and written, or partially written, this all down....and then erased it.
posted in Haunted Places by WyspersInTheDark 06-07-18
My tale is set in Manchester, in an ordinary council house built in the 1960's, which I was sharing with two friends. It takes place on new year's day 1998.
posted in Haunted Places by BeccaT13 04-08-18

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