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This ghost story is rated Mature by its author, and contains material meant for readers 18+

Him - The Smelly Ghost

Him - The Smelly Ghost

" Makati City, for all its new high rises and noisy nightlife, is still as haunted as any quiet locale. "
I used to work in a haunted office in the business district. The stories were not bound to rumors, but actual experiences. People during the graveyard shift have shared their stories to the incoming day shift teams, which also had their share of strange touches and "trick of the eye" moments.

I was on the day shift and sat at the back of the office. You'd expect the back of the office to be the quietest part, but when my other office mates and I find something funny to talk about, it's the noisiest place to be. This noise made me feel comfortable in an otherwise almost silent part of the office. One day though, several of my office mates had switched to the night shift, and others decided to work from home. It was just me and the IT guy, who was making the rounds, making sure the computers weren't malfunctioning.

It was towards the afternoon when "he" made "his" presence known. I was doing some work while watching a paranormal reality TV show on YouTube (which may have added to the creepy atmosphere), and suddenly the chair to my left wheeled by itself into the table. The electric fan is off, I thought to myself. I quickly dismissed it and continued working.

A little while later, I was still working when my chair tipped by itself backward. My area also started smelling like garbage.

"The f—" I interjected, coming out of my focus and getting that mini-heart attack one gets as if they'd fall to the ground. I hung on to the upper partitions of my workstation and moved my seat forward.

Now, I'm a heavy person, and it will take some effort for someone or something to tip my chair (with me) over. I was also leaning forward towards the table, not stretching backwards or making any other movements. Whatever it was, it was strong, and it was looking for attention. It was almost the end of my shift anyway, and no way am I going to let "him" get to me.

"He" won though. I was packing up, happy to finish the day, and from the corner of the eye I saw something black approach me. I turned to my left and saw no one. I was still alone in that aisle.

"Screw it," I said, and walked out of the office faster than a person with a strained bladder.

The next day, I learned through one of my fellow managers that there are three spirits haunting the office. One was a child, one was a woman, and the other was a smelly man. Senior management who have CCTV access would spot the kid roaming around the aisles. The woman would just stand in a corner by the windows. No one actually saw the smelly man—past and present employees assumed it was a man—but they'd report a terrible smell, similar to garbage, within their area.

"The man often smelled like rotten eggs," my co-manager said, "Did you experience something?"

I thought my heart skipped a beat. If something smelled like rotten eggs, wouldn't that mean the devil is nearby? I didn't want to tell her. Not a lot of people knew this occurrence.

"Y-Yes," I replied, "but it was nothing. Something just tipped me backwards. I've had worse, but it was still something worth telling you."

In truth I've never experienced anything as bad as that. It's one thing to realize you've had a paranormal experience, but it's another thing to find out the devil might have been inches away from your person. I'm still happy that nothing terrible has happened to me afterwards. Yet.

© slenderghoul - 02-05-19

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Great story! And yes, according to experts the smell of sulfur indicates a demon or devil. This is a great story and it was written so well!

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