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The Ghost Child wants our daughter

The Ghost Child wants our daughter

This is an extremely long story as I've had to cram 2 and a half years of hauntings into this, but believe me, it's well worth the read...
My husband and I served in the Army and were living on base in Fort Hood, Texas, with our 15 year old son.   From the moment we moved in, my  husband and son would claim they were seeing a little girl in period dress try to get their attention from different parts of the house.  Our son would claim he would see the little girl walking from his bedroom to the bathroom which was across from each other.  It got to the point our son refused to sleep in his room and would make a bed on the couch every night so he could sleep with the T.V on.  My husband claimed he woke up one night and had to use the bathroom.  He said it was around 1am when he went to get up out of bed when he saw his bluetooth earpiece just floating by the bedroom door handle glowing a bright blue light to where the handle was so he could see (it was really dark).  He said as quick as he saw it, he got startled and the earpiece fell to the floor.  He decided he would hang on till morning...

Next morning we woke for work and he was telling me what had happened.  Of course I thought he was suffering from lack of sleep and just laughed telling him he needed to stop drinking lol... 

That day at work, we both found out that we were being deployed in 8 weeks.  Our son decided he wanted to go to Australia and spend the year with my relatives until we returned.  We both agreed that it was an awesome idea.  In the weeks leading up to our deployment, we had a lot of get togethers with our battle buddies because we knew there was a possibility one of us might not return.  During these festivities, many of our male friends would claim they were seeing a little girl in the house.  Well hubby just jumped all over that stating he has seen her also.  Of course, I hadn't witnessed anything at this time, so again, I just laughed it off...

We finally Deployed, and 10 months into deployment, I was badly injured and was sent to Germany for treatment.  It was at this time, I discovered I was pregnant (I wasn't able to have anymore children after our son, so I wasn't on contraception), I told the medics that it just wasn't possible for me.  Test results showed otherwise, so I was sent back home.  I was at home for 2 months before hubby was due back.  We would use yahoo messenger at the time to communicate with each other, when something caught my attention out of the corner of my eye.  I swear to God, I was seeing men with Turbons on walking around my kitchen.  I shook this off as being stressed out and wondering how the hell I got pregnant (I was 36, so the chances if I could have more, were slim).  All the light bulbs would burn out as soon as I changed them, so thought it was the wattage so I bought lower watt bulbs and still they burnt out.  The apparitions were with me every night until hubby came home and then they just disappeared.  Our son wanted to finish his schooling in Australia, so he stayed there for 3 yrs to finish his schooling.

When hubby did finally return, the activity just blew up.  Glasses would fly off the kitchen counter at night while we were in bed, our back door chain would jingle until we would walk out to see what was causing it, then it would just stop.  Lights turning on and off by themselves, our gas stove clicking over at night like someone was trying to turn it on, the list went on and on.   Once our daughter was born, the activity took a different turn, for the worse.  We would have plumbers rocking up at 10pm claiming they were there to fix a leaky pipe, we told him, we never called, he told us the call came from our house.  We told him we didnt have a land line phone, only our cell phones.  He was a legit Plumber, so he told us if we didnt need him, he was leaving.  He left.  

As we stood in the driveway at 10.15pm scratching our heads as to WTF just happened, our 10mth old daughter woke just screaming blue bloody murder from her bedroom.  We both bolted from the driveway into the house to her room and my hubby picked her up and took her into the lounge room and noticed she had slap marks on both of her cheeks and what looked like Chinese burns on her wrists!!  I burst into tears, whatever it was, was now attacking our baby.  Her bedroom was our son's room when he was living there.

We set up her pack n play at the end of our bed so we could monitor her.  Hubby and I took shifts, he would sleep for a couple hours and then I would.  I took first shift, and as I was watching T.V in bed, I notice her pull herself up in her pack n play and just stare at me with all black eyes and a look as if to say, 'I'm going to kill you tonight!", I shook my hubby in fear and he took one look at her and jumped up and grabbed her.  She snapped out of it, but now the fear was real, whatever was there, is using our daughter as a pawn.  We knew now was the time to act.

We went to Best Buy and bought a voice recorder.  We got a babysitter and my sarg and his wife came over to witness our going ons.  We heard over our daughters baby monitor, a child around the age of 5 singing nursery rhymes in her room.  This was strange, as we started at midnight when everything was quiet, our daughter was the only child in our housing area.  We conducted a EVP session with our new voice recorder and when we played it back, we got 2 distinguished voices, a child's voice and a demonic voice.  When I asked the question, "Are you the little girl who goes in our daughters room to play with her at night", a child's voice replies "Yea", it gave us the chills, then my hubby asks, "Are you here with us now?", and then I say, "Come on, give us a sign?", this demonic voice replies, "NO BITCH!", we were scared now.  We didnt know what to do. My Sarg and his wife, saged our house and prayed for us.   About a week went passed with no activity at all, so we thought we had survived the storm..So we thought we would put our daughter back into her room.   How stupid we were... One morning my hubby went to get our daughter out of her crib and found her surrounded by every stuffed toy she owned in a circle around her in her crib and she was laughing like someone was playing with her.  There was no way our daughter put them there herself, she was 10 months old.  We decided to move, and on the last load before we left the house forever, my hubby did one last tour of the house to make sure we didnt leave anything behind, as he was walking out the door, he took one look back and saw the little "Ghost Girl" pearing out from our son/daughters room and he still claimed she was dressed in period clothing, although this time, she didnt have a face.

Seven years on, we are both out of the Army and living in Australia.  I came across our old voice recorder and decided to give it a listen to, as that was an experience we could never forget.  I had told a friend about this experience and let her listen to the recordings.  She told me there is a program you can use to amplify your recordings and she downloaded this program and put the recordings on for me.  As we were playing them at an amplified sound, I noticed a voice that I hadnt heard before.  When my hubby asked if it was 'Here now", you can hear a child say "Help me!" and then I say "Come on, give us a sign!", the voice says, "I'm by the window!".  I was mortified cause at this moment, I realised there WAS a child spirit trapped there and needed help crossing over, but was held by a Demonic force.  I am just glad we got out when we did, however, the activity still follows us....

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Mack's Paranormal
This is a very compelling and terrifying story! Do you still have the recordings by any chance?

Yep, I sure do! :)

A guest user
Dang!I liked this story.Do you still haave the recordings,I would like to hear them!

A guest user
A guest user
This story gave me chills. Could you find a way to let readers listen to the recordings? Thanks, that would be terrifying and incredible.

do you still have the recordings??this gave me the chills

download the recordings

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