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5 Ghost Story

5 Ghost Stories

I loved our new life, and loved the fact that I had a 'new' dad, and 2 step brothers and a step sister. I felt like this was the first time I had seen my mother happy.
posted in General Stories by 03-27-19
So, it was just past Christmas, Christmas of 2018. Man the year just flew by. Every year, everyone gathers at mine for the Christmas Festivities. This year was different, everyone was tired, and everyone just wanted to spend it with.
posted in General Stories by 01-28-19
I'm the kind of person where, if one of my mates or people I love are struggling in some way, I will go out of my way to make sure they are ok.
posted in General Stories by 01-28-19
This is another true story I have experienced.
posted in General Stories by 01-26-19
This is an extremely long story as I've had to cram 2 and a half years of hauntings into this, but believe me, it's well worth the read...
posted in General Stories by 01-25-19

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