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The Figurines

The Figurines

Those two figurines simply could not be explained....
When I was growing up, in my family’s home we had a china cabinet with glass doors and three shelves on the top-level. On the bottom level was a wooden section with doors that could be used for storing small things. This attractive piece of furniture was full of delicate chinaware and other ornate objects that had been collected throughout the years. I remember white dishes beautifully decorated with a red intricate design and on the center shelf, just about at eye level, sat two pilgrim looking figurines. One boy and one girl that held primitive fishing poles in their hands. My mother had them proudly displayed facing out for all to see.

So, what're the significance of these two commonly dressed figurines and why did they make such a lasting impression in my memory? It wasn’t due to their simplicity, nor that my mother cherished them, but rather it was because of what occurred randomly without explanation.

As I said earlier, the boy and girl figurines would always be displayed facing out, but on occasion without any definable reasoning, we would find these two turned completely around, facing inward with their backs to us. Upon questioning, no one knew how it happened. At first, we basically brushed it off until it happened a few more times. It wasn’t a nightly thing, not even something that we would wake up to on a daily basis, but it still happened, and we were totally baffled by it.

We tried debunking the phenomenon by coming up with plausible rationalizations, but nothing proved conclusive as far as logic could explain. The boy and girl figurines would be perfectly placed looking outward, but for some strange reason, we would randomly awake to them turned backwards as if on purpose. And each time it happened, never a sound was heard, nor did the atmosphere change. Also, no one was ever afraid, nor felt any kind of malevolence.

We did not live in a haunted house, let me make that clear, but those two figurines simply could not be explained. Perhaps it was a simple gesture from the other side with just enough presence to make itself known…


~ Sheila Renee Parker

Author. Artist. Empath.

© Sheila Renee Parker - 12-18-17

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This is interesting because when I was a kid we had a 6" ceramic figurine of a whimsical lady dressed in yellow in our China Cabinet. The figurine came from my Mom's cousin in Italy. It had feathers for a boa and a large hat. At the time we were living in Munich, Germany, top flat of a 3 family house. The lady figurine was placed facing out at first (like your figurines) and just like you said about yours, it would turn to be facing backwards! I would fix it and turn it facing out... then a few days later find it facing backwards again. When we moved back to USA, the lady figurine went back into the China Cabinet in our new house and never faced backwards again... when I grew up I just wrote it off as vibration that caused it to turn facing backwards in the flat in Munich. But none of the other stuff in the cabinet was ever moved... how weird.

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