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The haunted doll

The haunted doll

I got this doll a few years back, and ever since, odd things have been happening.
So I inherited this porcelain mother goose doll a few years back. It seemed like a nice vintage piece, and I liked it a lot. It also wound up and played music. I had it sit up on a shelf in my room. I thought it would be a cool little decoration. Little did I know that this doll had some form of spirit attachment. Over the past few years I have had the doll, many odd things have occurred. These include music playing randomly, the doll's fabric bonnet going missing, the doll moving, random objects being knocked over near the doll (though that may have just been my cat), and heightened spirit activity. I already knew that my house was inhabited by many spirits, but ever since I got the doll, everything has been a lot weirder. 

After a couple years of having it, I tried communicating with the doll. It turned out the spirits name is Annabelle. She didn't share much other than that, and is not very communicative. I'm still learning more about her, but I hope to be able to befriend her soon.

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hey i'm Ace, an alterhuman witch who has some interesting paranormal stories to share :3 [More]...

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