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Rivaled Possession

Rivaled Possession

N.B. This experience comes from my husband who is sensitive. He has given me permission to share this on myghoststory.com. I have also added parts of which I myself have witnessed to give our 'shared experience' more depth and context.
When we first started living together, my husband and I moved from apartment to apartment. We thought we were lucky on our third "home": It was on the ground floor--street level--and the first room on the right. For its convenience and spaciousness, it was cheap for less than $180.00 a month. It fit two humans and five cats. All in all, despite the fear of floodwater entering our room during the rainy season, we felt the place to be perfect.

Until the third month.

I had noticed that my husband and I have been fighting over the smallest things during our stay there. They were so minute but I'd end up going out of the room and head out into the garage for a calm-me-down smoke. Sometimes he'd lock me out over something so small. Other times he'd demand several bottles of beer. He would also throw the cats out if they kept going to our bed (I didn't take it as a sign back then). 

There was one squabble that went on at night and into the next day. It was a moonless Friday night. We both were lying in the bed when we just started quarreling. I can't even remember what our fight was about, but he was going on and on about something he can't describe. He felt like someone was watching him. I could tell he was paranoid, but I had to keep my wits about myself just in case something bad happens to me or to him. 

I didn't sense anything otherworldly or malicious because I believed the rational side of my brain that he was simply bored.

Saturday morning came and I found the right side of our bed empty and cool. He sent me a text saying that he went to his parents' place to calm down, but he'll be home tonight. I believed his message and went about my day.

I was cleaning the room when I decided to take a break by the window to get some air. My view was an old house--the neighbors said it was built during the Spanish colonial period--and will unfortunately be demolished to make room for a more modern home. In front of the house is a large acacia tree, perhaps much older than the house behind it, given the thickness of the trunk and its seemingly immeasurable height. I was looking at the tree, and I could imagine two figures floating among the branches. They were female, and most likely looked beautiful and flirtatious. The hairs on my nape stood when I realized they were looking back at me. It was a kind of look I'd see in American teenage movies where the popular girl gives the sweet girl next door that glare when the latter stole the former's boyfriend. I remember how their stares chilled me down to the core, how my cats started hissing at my direction, how I felt a sense of dread.

I was able to snap out of it and said, "Tabi tabi po," a saying in Filipino asking permission from the spirits of a location if one can enter it. I also made the sign of the cross for good measure. My cats went back to normal--if they were ever normal--when I stood up and walked away from the window.

My husband came home that night, feeling more refreshed and, oddly, younger-looking. I asked him how his day was with his family and he had this serious look on his face.

"There's something here. We need to leave," he said as plainly as the shirt on his body. I believed him.

The next day I asked my mom if she knew anyone who can rent us an apartment near my place of work. Luckily, her extra condo, which she had been renting out for a few years, was recently vacated and she was happy to say we could move in. I was more than excited: we'd soon would have 24/7 security, a nice pool and gym, on-call maintenance... the works. And it's my mom's condo, so I know that everything's running in tip-top shape.

"Why are you moving again though?" she asked over the phone.

"Uh, well," I began, not knowing how to explain to her about what's happening to me and my husband, "Well, we're constantly being bothered by the neighbors." It was a half-truth. Ethereal beings were being nosy.

The next two weeks came by and we found ourselves soon in our new (and present) home.

But trouble has a way of finding us.

We spent a few good months in our new nest before it happened. We took advantage of all the conveniences of living in a condominium right smack in the business district. There's a DIY laundromat on the ground floor and several food establishments, banks and convenient stores throughout our area. We even have a grocery across the street. My husband went back to the gym and took up swimming daily, while I enjoyed walking to work. We spend our nights looking out into the window, watching the slow-moving traffic on both sides. We have a working stove and fridge, a great air con, and a large TV with cable. Suffice to say, we love it here.

Until one day when my husband had a hard time breathing.

While he does have skin allergies, he does not have respiratory problems. So this situation was odd. I tried to give him antihistamines but he kept pushing them away, until he finally said:

"I'm being strangled."

It was the same complaint he had months ago, when he felt that someone was watching him and strangling him. Now it's back, and it looks like someone is strangling him with their bare hands.

I immediately called his mom and she called his aunt, a well-known abularyo (traditional faith healer/herbalist in Filipino folklore) in their community. I told them to come quickly because... I honestly have never experienced something like this before! I was already scared; I couldn't handle it alone. It finally dawned on me that throughout our stay in that accursed apartment my husband was being oppressed by spirits, and I was chalking it up to classic ennui.

They arrived within an hour, and my mom soon followed. The healer didn't waste any minute. She said in Tagalog, "Get me a small bowl, cooking oil, and a candle. If we lose more time they might take his soul."

"Who?" I asked as I grabbed the tools she needed for the... exorcism? Is my husband really possessed?

"You seem to have two rivals."

I couldn't tell if I wanted to laugh or cry. I had a feeling it was those two beings I saw on the tree. They had that look of malicious victory on their faces, as if they coveted something from me. I thought I was just in their territory. Apparently they were claiming my husband as part of their territory.

My husband was gasping for air, and I finally sobbed. I stood by my study table and watched the exorcism, for the lack of a better word. All kinds of thoughts went into my head. Were they taking him to the afterlife? F*ck no, they better not. I was afraid for his life, and if only they were corporeal beings I'd stab them in the head with my kitchen knife. But no, my rivals had to be spirits. I should be so lucky.

With tears on my eyes, I handed the bowl and other ingredients to my aunt as she put small drops of cooking oil into the bowl and lit the candle. She uttered a prayer... in Latin... She placed the candle near the bowl and instantly two humanoid figures appeared on the surface, black as my hair. My husband's breathing normalized and he fell asleep.

"I got them," The healer said.

I nodded in gratitude. It was the scariest two hours of my life.

"They won't bother you now," my healer-aunt continued in jest as she looked at her grandnephew sleeping like a baby, caught up in pleasant dreams, "They must have found him too handsome and felt that they were better partners than you."

I laughed, wiping the last few tears from my eyes. I couldn't say anything. Honestly, I was shocked. This was the first time I experienced someone possessed, and someone performing an exorcism in front of me. And it was my husband. Someone I promised to love and protect. Well, at least the worst is gone now. The flu might seem insignificant compared to a possession.

I thanked her and asked that she and my mother-in-law to stay the night, while my mom left (she was also shaken by what she witnessed). The abularyo wrote a prayer on a piece of paper and laid it next to my husband. She instructed that I pray it for eight days, and all will be well.

A little more than two years later, we're still here in the condo, enjoying the simple pleasures and the peace this place brings us. Like other married couples, we do have our fights, but none of them supernaturally-induced. And I'm happy to report that we have not experienced any hauntings here yet, and we're not expecting one anytime soon. I hope.

© slenderghoul - 02-16-19

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Michael P.
This is very interesting. Would like to know more about the spirits.

02-27-19Michael P. Wrote: This is very interesting. Would like to know more about the spirits.

Hi Michael, sorry I haven't logged in a while. We believe in something called engkantos (derived from the Spanish word encanto, "enchanted"), and they can be possessive and malignant.

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