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Weird strange things

Weird strange things

this was in a 2 bedroom home, my step sis got the 2nd bedroom i was in the living room
So my family and i used to live in a 2 bedroom house, i slept in the living room with my dog but When we came back from church things we're moved around we thought the dog or one of our cats moved somethings by accident but it kept happening and there was a handprint on the wall by my parent's bedroom, it wasn't any of ours as we asked eachother.. We went to church that sunday and found dried blood on the ac vent door, parents door and stepsister's door we panicked and the closet door kept opening at 3am and closed by day and we saw something outside but noone was there and it got weirder.. When we we're moving out things fell when no one was near it like a cup fell off the kitchen counter it was where it couldn't fall but it fell onto the tile and it was erie..things kept disappearing limke my dads keys and my phone it felt uneasy walking into that house after being out at the park it wasn't roght and my dog paced every night same time, wouldn't lay down until he knew i was okay.. honestly it freaked me out! there was black figures at night i couldn't sleep i was too terrified by the figures later i looked up the history on the blood and things but it still creeps me out to this day[Image: 634e0e5df2c33_243811753_408193310873912_...1970_n.jpg][Image: 634e1162a051b_Capture.PNG]

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that was a really scary story did that actually happen or is it just fake because that freaks me out

Raven Melling
I <3 demons and ghosts I was born under a blood moon and I've been cursed since birth dad thinks its satan or lucifer i aint so sure
so i belive him any ways AMAZING EXPIRIANCE TO TELL

It actually happened

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hi im from Orlando, FL now living in California, im a high school student and im 16 I've had some odd experiences [More]...

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