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Campfire Delight, or was it?

Campfire Delight, or was it?

I'm the kind of person where, if one of my mates or people I love are struggling in some way, I will go out of my way to make sure they are ok.
It was November of last year 2018, and I was talking to a very dear friend who lives in Oregon USA via Messenger.  We talked for quite a while when something just didn't sound right to me about her.  It was in her voice.  We had babbled on and on about life and reminisced about when she and her son came to visit the year before.  Then things seemed to go awkwardly quiet on the other end of the phone.  I asked her how she was doing, as 3 years prior, she had lost her sister to Breast Cancer.  She really didn't say she was doing good or doing bad, but I knew from how she sounded that she was struggling to come to terms with her death.  She had also informed me that her son wasn't doing well, and things just didn't seem to go right with him at his job in regards to that and so he was on a leave of absence until he was giving the all clear to return to work.  
I had contacted him and told him if he needed to get away for a while, that my doors were open to him to come and take some time out.  He was grateful but he never really gave me an answer.  

Three months went by, and I still didn't hear anything about if he wanted to come here or not, however, I'm the kind of person where, if one of my mates or people I love are struggling in some way, I will go out of my way to make sure they are ok.  
One day, I got an idea that, if he didn't want to come here, I would go there.  I was desperate to help him and his mum, deal with whatever it was that was weighing them down.
I frantically tried getting in touch with them to let them know I was coming.  I planned to humour them, and try to help in anyway I could possible.  Even if it was just to talk.  I mean, what are friends for right?

Plans were made, and it wasn't soon before I was leaving.  The day before my flight, this horrible gut wretching feeling came over me.  I couldn't shake it, something was trying to get my attention and let me know that this trip was bound for disaster!
I pull out my cell phone and conduct a small EVP session to see if I could get some answers.  It was so quiet, you could hear a pin drop.  I live in the country and we have enough space between houses where voices won't travel from house to house.
I ask the question 'Do I have anything to worry about when I leave for Amercia?'  The response I got was 'yes!'.  When I played the recording back and heard the voice respond, I seriously thought about cancelling my trip.


The morning of my flight, I was scared.  I really didn't want to go, but I had just spent over a thousand dollars for my ticket, and it was non refundable, due to buying my ticket a week prior.  I was so scared my plane was going to crash, that's what was going through my mind, I was thinking, 'yep, this is how I'm going to die!', forget positive thinking, I mean the 'voice' told me I had something to worry about right? 

Anyway, I arrive safely (yay!), 'stupid voice', I thought, I had the best flight ever..

My friend's son met me at the airport and we started our long trek back.  On the drive home, we laughed and laughed, he was one of the coolest dudes ever.  I mean, this guy was hilarious..

So we get to his sister's place, as that was the meeting place for my friend to pick me up from, and we all stayed the night for as the next day was another long drive to the mountains where she lived.

I was given the sister's son's room and my friend and her hubby had the double fold out couch, and her son (the one who got me from the airport) had the recliner chair.
I put my bags in the room where I was staying and enjoyed my friends.  It was time for bed, and I always, always, put my handbag by my bed, its just something I did, and I know I did this time too..  When I woke the next morning, I reached for my handbag and noticed it wasn't by the bed.  I got up to look for it and found it over the other side of the room by a Thomas the Tank Engine lamp that was sitting on the floor.

Again, I didn't heed the warning I was about to encounter.

After 2 and a half hours of driving to where my mate lived, we finally arrived. Yep, we were definately in the mountains.  Half way up the winding gravel road to their cabin, I instantly felt sick, and my head started to hurt, and man was it cold! 

Their cabin was gorgeous, small, but gorgeous.  I put my bags by the couch.  She put the kettle on, and begin to give me a tour.  By the kitchen was the laundry, and off the laundry, was a room they built on for a bar/party room, but it wasn't insulated so it was too cold to look around.  Back through the kitchen we went into the living room.  There was enough room for 1 couch and a recliner, along with the T.V on an entertainment centre and a wood stove as heating.  The next room was their bedroom and an ensuite, that was it.  I thought, man, there isn't enough room for me, as she also brought back her 2 Grandsons as she was watching them the whole time I was there.  She turned to me and said 'So you can either have the camper out the front, or the cabin out the back'.  I took one look at the camper, and chose the cabin out the back.  We walked through her bedroom and out the door off of the bedroom, down 3 stairs, down a gravel path, through a gate and around to the cabin.  She opened the door and turned on the light.  It was just a room with a bed, nice and cozy and had a heater built into the wall.  Least I would be warm.  

We had our coffee, chatted for a while, had a shower, then it was time for me to go to bed.  I had travelled nearly 7000 miles, and I was tired.  She handed me a flashlight and off I went, trekkin across the mountains to my little cabin...With NO toilet I just realised.  Oh well, with encouragement in my bones, I plodded on.  I stopped to have a smoke on my little but cramped porch.  It was big enough to have a small narrow bench seat on it, and if you were taller than 5'5 and had long legs, they would be met by your chest.  Plus, there were 3 Roosters who took up residence on the shed ledge right next to my cabin (you get the idea?).  Not sounding like a snob, but I am trying to give you the feel of the situation...

I smoked my smoke with my frozen fingers, then went inside to my new home for the next 2 weeks.  I am glad we turned the heater on, the warmth felt good.  I changed into my jammies and jumped into bed.  I grabbed my cell phone to call home, and realised there was NO phone reception.  I joked in my head that this was starting to sound like a horror movie.  So to get my fix of my family, I opened my photo gallery and began to look through pics we took before I left.  Next thing I know, it was morning.

I walked a mile to the house and was greeted by my mate with coffee and breakfast.  As I sat down at the table, I got this intense urge to look to my left.  On the wall, I noticed an old American Indian baby carrier, you know the ones you would see the natives carrying their babies in on their backs?  Yep, there was one on the wall which was next to an American Indian Woman in a frame,  which I could not take my eyes off, I  mean, I literally couldnt take my eyes off it, like it was talking to me, telling me there was a message on the back.  I asked my mate what it was and she told me that her sister (the one who passed away 3 years prior), had made the baby carrier for her when she had her first son, in which she used to carry him around (Her sister was her half sister, but full blooded American Indian).  My mate took the picture off the wall and turned it over and it had a message written from her sister on it when she gave it to her.  The message read something along the lines of, 'Everytime you think of yourself as ugly, look at this picture and remember what you are, you are beautiful!)  Her whole life my friend thought of herself as ugly, and her sister saw her true beauty, and so gave her a little reminder of how beautiful she really was/is.  I told my mate that I couldnt stop staring at it, my  mate said there was no way I wouldve known that, and tears welled in her eyes.  Oh crap, I made my mate cry, I gave her a hug and we moved on.  For the rest of the day, I noticed a decline in her attitude.  I tried to make conversation with her, but she sat in her chair, and started crocheting scarf's for my kids, silent, until she would have to make lunch for the kids, then she would get up do what she had to do, then sit back down and continued doing her thing.  The whole time I was talking to her, it was like she couldnt hear me.  Later that night, she sat by the window and started using her cell phone.  I asked her if I could jump on her hot spot so I could contact home, and let them know I survived.  She hesitantly did, and so I jumped on Messenger, and messaged my hubby.  After about 3 mins, I got the 'you are not connected to the internet' message.  I closed out and tried again, no luck.  Oh well, least I got to say I'm alive.  She sat and continued on her phone.  

That night I was lying in my cabin.  It was literally DEAD silent.  The time was 10.30pm, I know, I looked at the time when I heard the commotion outside of my cabin.  Remember the Roosters sitting on the ledge I mentioned? Yea, well then there were 2.  Something of force just grabbed one of them, and I could still hear the poor Roosters crow fade into the nothing.  It scared the hell outta me, I mean, it sounded like it was a blood bath out there.  I was so scared, I started to make a vlog of my panic to show my hubby when I got home.  

I didn't sleep a wink that night.

My fears were confirmed the next morning when I walked out to check out the scene of the crime.  Feathers were everywhere.  I told my mates hubby that I think something took his Rooster.  He shrugged his shoulders and that was that.  I was thinking their behaviour is odd, I mean, these are not the people I have known for 20 years.  I didn't know them, and I felt really awkward being there.  I asked him if he had a camping potty so I had something to pee in throughout the night, cause there was no way after the night before, I was going outside in the dark.  He gave one to me.

I know this is a long story, but I really have to tell it this way so you can understand the torment I went through.

Fast forward to that night.  It was 10.30pm when I heard cowboy boots walk onto my little porch and stop at the cabin door.  The door had a rectangle piece of glass in the middle, big enough to take up most of the door, and I had a little see through curtain for privacy.  I didn't see anybody standing there, because I made sure I kept the light turned on, so I could see something happen after what happened the night before.  It didnt make sense, I heard the damn footsteps, but there was nobody there.  My heart started to beat.  Yes, I did bring some of my ghost equipment with me, ghost hunting was my interest.  But somehow I was frozen on the bed, staring at the stupid door waiting for someone burst in to slaughter me, I felt unsafe, I just had a bad feeling.

Night 2 without sleep.

Over coffee the next morning, I mentioned to my mate that after we discussed the baby carrier and picture, I had been noticing weird stuff going on outside the cabin at night.  I told her I didnt feel right, and told her about the footsteps I heard that night.  She didnt believe me, and so I told her I didnt feel safe.  She went into her bedroom and came back out with a 32 Revolver and handed it to me.  WTF is this I asked her, she told me if I didnt feel safe, to take this in case I needed it.  Ummm ok?!  Of course I was scared shitless so I took the gun.  
She sat on her chair, and begin to crochet... again, so I decided I was going to take a walk, I started vlogging my experiences and feelings.  

We are now going on night 4 and I had only slept 1 night since I had been here.  I was very tired so decided to turn in.  I missed my family so much.  I was beginning to get very depressed, and before I knew it, I had tears running down my face, remember, I have only spoken to my kids and hubby once for 3 mins.  I didnt have hubby with me, to protect me, comfort me and even talk logic to me, as at this time, I was beginning to think something sinister was going on, but I didnt know what.  

I woke to a huge bang on the cabin door, I mean, like someone was trying to kick it in, I had the light on, but I couldnt see anybody there.  I was paralized from what seemed like the waist down.  I grabbed my phone off the little pot plant holder and the time read 10.30pm!  I then grabbed for the gun, but I was so friggin scared, I was shaking too much to pull it out of the holder.  I sat like a sitting duck waiting for someone to again, take me out.  Next minute, I heard this scratching sound on the inside wall next to the bed.  I was terrified so much, that for the first time in my life, I believed people can die of fright, as I was convinced I was going to die that night.  I know this is going to sound like BS, but I give you my word, every word is true.  Next thing you know, I was out cold..

Next morning I woke to my jaw wired shut, well thats how it felt anyway.  My face felt like I had been punched in the jaw so hard, that my jaw was stuck shut.  I could talk, but there was no way I could eat.  It was too painful.  I know it sounds off the charts, but believe me, I would suffer this pain for a month after this experience.  
When I saw my friends at breakfast, I burst into tears.  I was hysterical, pleading with them to call their son to come and get me, I had to get off that mountain, whatever was up there, was attacking me.  She looked at me with such hate, as hysterical as I was, she didnt believe me, but she did call her son, and he drove up that night to get me, however, we didnt leave that night.  I would have to injure one more night there, out in that cabin where I was being stalked.  
I guess my friend got a ounce of kindness in her heart, and decided to have a bonfire for my last night there.  It was friggin cold, but the fire was somewhat warm.  I got this incredible urge to stand up and take a picture of my mate and her son.  I dont know if anyone believes in the power of smoke (and I dont mean weed lol), but I have heard people light fires to see spirits around them.  I however, was never a believer in this, until I took this photo attached to this story.  I didnt notice the evil that night in the pic, however, take a good long hard look at it, see my mate on the right?  Have a look at that demon hand on her boob area.  See her son on the left?  Look at the demons he carries around with him.  No wonder I had a traumatizing experience with the people I once loved, look at them harvesting the devil.

I left the next day, contacted my family when I got reception, and got them to plan my flight home early.  Once I got to my mates son's place and my flight details were in order, I caught a Greyhound to the airport and sat for 9 hours waiting for my flight to depart, wondering if that was the warning the voice back home was warning me about.

I went to the Drs the day I arrived back home, and found my jaw was knocked out of place.  It would be a little over a month before I healed fully.  It was now I realised her sister was trying to give me a message and I didnt listen.  I met her sister 20yrs ago and I remember she was wearing cowgirl boots and a cowgirl hat.  Her long dark Indian hair in a braid running down her back. What message I had to tell, I dont know, I will never know. 

I haven't spoken to my mate since!

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OMG! It had me on the edge of my seat! Thank goodness you survived that scary ordeal!

I was scared before now I am terrified....something or someone is upsett3my 9 yr oldson....my daughter's and Iare very in tune with ourselves and witchcraft, my son is from a different father.... very powerful I can't stop the nightmares/terrors/visits to my sons dreams...I have a million chrystals and candles, sage etc need new help please

oh my god! that is absolutely terrifying. i understand why you never saw them again.

That was scary

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