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300 year old cemetery

300 year old cemetery

my true story about cleaning an abandoned cemetery
hello... your choices do not include Az as a choice...
in 2014 i moved to Rio Rico Az,, i was intrigued by the abandoned cemetery near my home. I researched it and found it was established in 1756 as la Mision de Calabasas de Cayetano...apache attacks forced the missionaries to abandon the mission. In 1865 the US Army took over the former mission as a post (Ft Mason, Az Territory) to protect stagecoach trade routes, protect against the Confederacy, and to monitor the French Army in Mexico, just a few miles away... within a six month period 1865-1866, 40 soldiers died of malaria...persistent Apache attacks led the depleted soldiers to abandon their post and go back to San Francisco.. local residents began using the "abandoned" cemetery to bury their loved ones.. in 1906 the Army sent a regiment to exhume the soldiers for transfer to the National Cemetery in San Francisco... Due to confusion, only 30 bodies were moved, and they may not all be the ones they went for..
When I read about it, I visited it and found it totally overgrown and completely impassable. That day I decided to use all my spare time chainsawing tree branches and clearing the whole cemetery... i did this completely on my own... four years passed, and im still cleaning it... Im in the process of getting funding to continue my project, as this property is owned by the state... i have permission to be there from Az State Senator Dalessandro, as well as my County authorities.
The first day I was there, I was looking over my shoulder the whole day..hahaha...but when it came time to leave, as i was walking to my truck...my back window exploded.. I took it as they didnt want me there...nevertheless  i continued and began to feel more welcome as the days went by.. i keep a voice generator on the whole time im there and have had some back and forth conversations at times... ive taken many videos and photos, and have captured orbs, light anomalies, shadow balls, smoke, and the voice of a child saying "mom" in Spanish... i also on one occasion had physical touch (where the childs voice was captured)...I hear voices and hear footsteps right beside me every day when the word genetrator says"near, beside, or behind"...Im sure my videos and photos contain evidence Ive overlooked... Although most of my experiences have been very positive, there have been some scary situations... i will continue to clean this cemetery whether i get assistance or not

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I've always been intrigued by the paranormal... As a child my family experienced many encounters with the unexplained. I believe there IS "life" after death...not because someone convinced me...but because I've experienced it first hand....it's REAL. [More]...

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