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a visit from a actor...this was weird

a visit from a actor...this was weird

Literally had a visit from a dead actor.
EDIT : This isnt meant to be scary!!!  its not meant to be scary its a true story.  This actually happened to me a while ago!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!                                                                                                                                                                      Okay, folks. as you know from last post i used to live in Orlando Florida, but we recently moved to California. Little did any of us know that the house we got for a good deal actually used to be paul walker's house. Anyway so, first months go fine, nothing really strange until one day, i have this dream. Paul walker has decided to visit me. okay, so at that point i actually thought i was just imagining it but turns out i wasnt!!! anyway, he told me what the public doesn't know about the car crash but in the dream he did give me permission to tell people what he told me about it. This is actually my first time speaking about this so.. yeah. He told me that Roger Rodas lost control of the Porsche but neither of them noticed how fast Roger was actually driving, sometimes people dont check their speed but they tried to get control again which did not go so well in the end. he also told me that i could say a few other things he told me. he said that he is really proud of his daughter meadow and his brothers Cody and Caleb. he also said that he is very proud if his family from fast and furious. [Image: 6500ec86ea395_2f7a6cbd63743a29041a1bd7ee5dc25b.jpg]

[Image: 6500ec8787332_OIP.jpg]

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Raven Melling
sorry but need more spooks I'm all about the scaryness but it wasn't scary at all

this was boring i almost fell asleep tbh

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hi im from Orlando, FL now living in California, im a high school student and im 16 I've had some odd experiences [More]...

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