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What is a Ghost?

I had someone write an article for me, the subject, "What is a ghost?" 
I can agree with some points.

Ever heard of unseen persons whose presence gives you the creeps? Do you sometimes feel or hear whispers or things tumble and you are super sure some person must have tipped them out of place? Indeed, at one point or the other in our lives, we have believed, or we even believe at the moment, that certain unseen beings exist around us, in free space. You might have even collided with them unknowingly. Is this folklore, mythology, metaphysics or the real deal (reality staring you in the face); who can tell?
Let’s see what they really are…
Throughout history, certain beliefs have traveled down genealogies as to the existence of supernatural beings such as fairies, angels, demons and ghosts which survive beyond death. This is because religion, culture and tradition have a great bearing on the belief and ways of life of a people while the rest is at the mercy of our imagination.
Ghosts have been portrayed in either a good or bad light by movies and literature, most especially of persons who died but their spirits have refused to rest in their graves. In more traditional settings, ancestors who are long dead are believed to visit family members, communicating with them, and even sharing precious information that only an all-seeing person has the privilege to know.
In a time not so distant as you might think (sometime in the 1900s), a certain house in England gained the infamous name of being “the most haunted house in England”, having been haunted since the last nail on the building was hammered in; its name, the Borley Rectory.
Stories surrounding this reveal that a certain monk had an affair with a nun. The monk, upon discovery of the affair, was executed, while the nun was bricked up alive in the convent walls. Interestingly, people heard footsteps of the nun, servant bells pealing despite being disconnected, the ghost of the nun, writings on the wall, locking of living persons in a room with no key, and many more strange occurrences.
Events such as this have been reduced into literature, writings and movies for entertainment. Most often than not, ghosts are portrayed as noisy and destructive, making use of kitchen utensils as arsenal. Families who moved into those houses subsequently became haunted.
Today, scientists, mystics and psychical researchers have propounded theories about the existence or non-existence of ghosts. Some of those sites, abandoned buildings, haunted forests today have become historical sites and something which leaves you in awe.
Speaking of not-so-scary, seemingly helpful ghosts is that which is reported to exist in the Fairmont Banff Springs Hotel, Canada, Sam the Bellman. It is said that he worked at the hotel until mid-1970s, and is still seen today, helping people with their luggage before he gets spirited away.
In France, the Chateau de Brissac tells the story of Charlotte, the illegitimate daughter of Charles VII, otherwise known as “The Green Lady”. Murdered by her husband after her affair was discovered, she has been found roaming the towers of the chapel and giving off heart-wrenching moans in the mornings.
For lovers of paranormal occurrences, ghost stories are spot on for you. Traditional celebrations are held in places such as Africa, with the belief that the ancestors (unseen, of course) feast with them. In fact, Halloween is one of such days to go trick or treating, dressed in scary costumes, some of which portray ghosts.
If you are interested in some thrilling, bone chilling, and skin tingling stories of ghosts and paranormal events, you may take tours to historical sites such as this. And to answer the mind boggling question of whether or not ghosts really exist, only you can tell.

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