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The one dream that still haunts me

The one dream that still haunts me

I had this dream last year it still haunts and sends shivers down my spine
October 23rd 2022 about 9pm I fell into a deep sleep. 
My dream was changing rapidly from one part of my life to the next but I always saw the same brown haired man 
This one dream started normal .I was in my room alone getting ready for school around 7:00am my music was playing "Mz.hyde by Halestorm." whilst I was getting dressed.(etc) I saw something in the back of my mirror whilst putting my beaine  on . It was a pale brown haired man standing at the back of my room . When I turned he was suddenly gone I thought it was my mind playing tricks on me again .
I saw him again on the way to school and he said "hello Raven Melling" I suddenly went pale and got out my knife and said "how do you know me ?" then just dissapered and my best friend caught me up and asked " you ok raves?"  I just said" I'm fine thought I saw something ." the just nodded to aggree , When we got to school it was about 8:30 am (highly early) we went to the libarey and took out our faverioute books to read . As we walked to class we were sharing our secrets (like our crushes or celeb crushes) we got to class and sat in our user all seats (not next to eachover opposit sides of the room) when I nodded to them we both stood up and went to my mom (our teacher) and I asked if we could sit next to each over for the rest of the term and she aggreed . My dream went mad like the walls were caving in and there was screaming all around me . For some reson I was the only one standing . The weird guy came back and killed everyone even my own mother. I started saying " call me a freak call me what you want. we are blood we are Familly." they just stared at me I was walking towards them and wispered " I know who you are. Rumplestiltskin also know as my farther, Dark one all magic comes with a price dearie" as soon as they went I moved to another dream way more crazy than the first . The second one was slower . In the dream the brown haired guy keeps showing  up over and over again. I awoke screaming at that moment mom and dad came in and I told them everything . Dad thought I was just being paranoid . But I swore I saw some odd guy always in my dreams . He's always there haunting , hunting me .Cursing my every move . Watching me .Wanting me . Saving me In my dreams . Scaring the life out of me . He kept saying "I am the dark one you seek." He is practically cursing me. And yet the dreams are getting weirder and scarier each day and night .It's haunting my head no Wonder everyone says I'm going crazy . These days I just forget about these terrieing dreams. Last night (20/12/13) I had the most weirdest dream ever I was at a castle. Crows flew off the roof like black confettey though nothing was there to celebrate . The castle has been abandoned  for thousands of years. As I walked inside The doors suddenly slammed shut . I said "somethings not right here." Then I remembered What had happened here a few years ago A little girl about 7 died under mysterious circumstances in this exact same castle. I ran and ran something or someone was chasing me . They had long talons and glowing red eyes that could suck your soul out with only a glance into their deadly eyes .

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dang....I had some sort of dream like that before,,,btw irl not a fake

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I was born under a blood moon . I am 14 years old I might be cursed, I have alot of strange things happend to me like possessions [More]...

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