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The little Boy

The little Boy

And till this day I still have dreams about that same little boy.
About 10 years ago, I was over at my grandmother's house because my mother had to work the night shift at Orlando Health. My brother said we can have the t.v since we were the only ones at the house. I and my sisters got tired after watching T.V so we all went to bed. But since I couldn't sleep and I had the hiccups I went downstairs to get some water. After I got some water I went through the living room and saw someone walking around the glass table. I was so in shock I dropped the glass of water and screamed. Everyone came running downstairs to get me. But as soon as I turned around to see my brother and sister, the boy was gone. I told them the whole story of what happened, but they thought it was my imagination I tried to convince them that I saw the boy. But they didn't believe me. So my brother took me up to the bedroom and watched me till I fell asleep. And till this day I still have dreams about that same little boy.

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This would really creep me out.

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