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The Button-Eyed Man

The Button-Eyed Man

This happened when I was around five. One night when I was trying to go to bed I saw this man, I remember him as the button-eyed man since I was so little and I couldn't really remember what I actually saw, but what I do remember is that the man said, "Have you seen my slippers?" I was confused and didn't know what was going on, but as a kid, I didn't know any better so I replied with, "No, I haven't" I was still very sleepy but once it got through my head that was what I was seeing wasn't normal, I let out a blood-curdling scream, running to my parent's room and they were startled awake."There's a monster, there's a monster in my room!" I frantically yelled. And, of course, they didn't believe me. I stayed with them in bed the whole night, but again, something caught my eye. I saw him. I wasn't scared because as a kid I thought that since my mom and dad were there with me, the "monster" couldn't hurt me. That was the last time I saw the button-eyed man. As I got older I told myself it was just my imagination there was no button-eyed man going to hurt me. Fast forward to today, I'm 14 now and I asked my grandparents if they remembered the "button-eyed man". What they said still haunts me to this day. What I saw was the ghost of my mom's friend's late grandpa who used to leave his slippers on my bed.

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Great story thank you for telling

that is freaky

Raven Melling
ohio is kinda sketchy no offense but that was great

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