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The Biggest Orb I’ve Ever Seen

The Biggest Orb I’ve Ever Seen

A very large orb and the sense of hate
Let me start by saying that after many years of dealing with the paranormal, I find that I rarely, if ever get scared.

About 18 years ago, I moved into a house with three friends, two of whom were witches. The house was out in the country, about an hour west of the Monterey Bay, in California. It was a good sized house, about 4000 square feet, set on what had been a horse ranch. Very quiet and very dark at night, since there were no city or street lights.

Something never felt “right” about the place. I always seemed to be on edge there. We had been on the property for about a week, when one of my friends started telling us about the translucent male she had scene standing in the doorway to her bedroom. She wasn’t frightened, more curious. She said she tried to speak to him, but he turned and disappeared.

Odd things began happening around the house. Doors would close and lock that could only be locked after they were closed. We learned quickly to make sure we always had our keys on us, even if we were only stepping into the patio. There was always a feeling of being watched, and thing would disappear and reappear days later in other parts of the house.

My friend continued to see the man, usually as he entered or left other rooms in the house, or in the garage. About a month after he. Was first scene, she told me that she saw him go into my bedroom. I checked my room and nothing seemed out of place or missing I’d seen spirits before, and had been dealing with them for 20 odd years at that point, so I didn’t think anything of it.

A couple of nights later I went to bed late. I had been asleep about an hour, when I awoke with an overpowering sense of dread, and what I can only describe as pure hate. I lasted there for just a moment and turned over. That’s when I saw the biggest orb I had ever physically seen. It was about the size of a softball, and glowing a red-ish color, and was bright enough to illuminate part of the room. Slowly it moved from the door, past the foot of my bed and through the opposite wall.

I laid there for a second before jumping out of bed and turning on the lights. A friend who was still up went out with me to see if anyone was around, but everything was quiet and dark.

I never felt welcome in the house after that, and each of my friends began to feel the same way. We were to wanted there. About a month later, we moved out, and never looked back. To this day I don’t know anything about the homes history, or of anything happening on the land. What I do know is that the orb experience was one of the few times I felt really very spooked and unnerved.

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Mr. Ghost Stories
Wow, this experience here is pretty interesting, and has all the earmarks of a classic haunting like a spirit haunting the house. But to see such a giant orb, would be dazzling to say the least, I liked this a lot! Thank you for adding this gem to the ghost stories archive :)

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