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i love him

i love him

So it was May 7th 2020 when i asked Jade Carroll out (my ex. sadly, i loved her) But this is around the time i started having realistic dreams about a teen boy who always flirted with me. an Incubus. it escalated in some ways i don't want to mention. from flirting, to touching... i felt like i was cheating on Jade at this point. i really felt bad because i loved her. btw, i identified as a lesbian/trans man in 2020. i know i know it's confusing but i really loved this girl. but at the same time, i felt captive by Tyler (aka Mr. Sandman). i needed him but i was in a relationship. so, i told Jade and i broke up with her before our 1 year mark. (its coming up in May). I miss my girlfriend, but i need Tyler.

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