Ghost Hunter Suffers Terrible Injuries After Falling From Old BuildingConspiracy

Ghost Hunter Suffers Terrible Injuries After Falling From Old Building

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On August 1st, an early morning ghost hunt took a tragic turn for a male and his female companion, a 35 year old woman, who unexpectedly suffered major injuries to parts of her body, after falling through an unsupported elevated section of the Buffalo Central Terminal, an historic former railroad station in Buffalo, New York, an art deco style building that dates back to 1929.

According to reports, the victim of the fall was walking on a 15 to 20 feet high section of the building, before a portion of the roof gave out, causing the victim to plummet all the way to the ground, causing her major injuries, according to police. 

It appears the unidentified  woman, along with her male companion were exploring the abandoned building, popularly known for paranormal activity that supposedly takes place on the property. After years of abandonment, the old building has been taken over by the Central Thermal Restoration Project, in an effort to bring some life back into the failing structure. 
C-District emergency personal responded to the accident site and performed immediate treatment to stabilize the injured female before rushing the victim to the hospital by ambulance. Thankfully, the male victim who was with her at the time was not hurt. 

Although, it appears the two ghost hunters were trespassing, police said no one would be charged with a crime. Everyone is hoping the female victim of the fall makes a full recovery from her injuries, although right now, her current condition is unknown.

One of the biggest tragedies related to ghost hunters happened in 2015, when a Nevada ghost-hunting couple was found dead. The famous couple took their own lives from an apparent murder suicide at their adult daughter's apartment after a two-hour standoff that ended when a SWAT team broke through the front door and stormed entry into the apartment.

Mark Constantino, appeared with wife Debra on the Travel Channel series Ghost Hunters, as the paranormal power couple who performed investigations with the crew of Ghost Hunters television show, staring paranormal personality Zak Bagans.

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