Ghost Forces Couple and Children to Move onto BalconyStrange News

Ghost Forces Couple and Children to Move onto Balcony

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A young couple, and their two small children are forced to sleep outside Image Credit: Pixabay
Terrified victims of a paranormal haunting, a French couple and their two innocent children have been forced to move outside, and onto the uncomfortable balcony of the beautiful home they still live in, to escape malevolent ghosts, says David and Patricia, who moved into their newly built, modern abode expecting to raise the family in a warm comfortable environment for all, but it wouldn't be long before strange events would turn the warm environment ice cold, followed by frightening factors that would rock the lives of this family, and shatter their peace of minds in the most unforgettable ways.

“It started with black shadows,” the couple told French newspaper Le Progres. “Then it got louder: the light would randomly go out, the TV turns on by itself, the phone freezes for no reason, the dishes make strange noises, etc.”

Unfortunately, the family cannot relocate, as David has a disability that keeps the entire family from moving out of the expensive home, which makes the situation even worse as this disability also keeps David from collecting assistance to help pay for the outstanding costs of moving into a new home for the children, and the wife who are suffering each night, as the ghostly presence makes itself known to Patricia and the children, who are convinced the home is plagued by the spirits of the dead, spirits that will eventually cause harm to the family, perhaps harming each family member one by one, the family fears.

To make matters even worse, the managers of the property are not buying into the whole 'haunted apartment' complaint, and won't let the family out of their lease, even as bills are piling up. So, for now it looks like David, his wife Patricia, and their two babies will be sleeping on the cold patio at night, under the blank stars, and inside a challenging old tent, away from the ghostly bangs on the walls, and the mysterious flipping of the light switches, the turning of door handles, and the invisible hands that seem to reach out of nowhere and cause this poor family nothing by fright.

For now, David, and the wife will continue to search for assistance, and try their best to keep the children safe, and away from the angry spirits.

Let's hope these pissed off ghosts don't decide to move out onto the patio, too, otherwise David and the family might be sleeping in their car, as they drive out of state, to search for a new home, to search for answers to questions that may never get answered.

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