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Ghost Behind the Gate

Ghost Behind the Gate

I was once the GM of a cafe in Methodist Hospital in Indianapolis, Indiana. One evening...
I was once the GM of a cafe in Methodist Hospital in Indianapolis, Indiana. One evening, after closing shop, I was walking down the hall towards the parking deck when I met up with a nurse that I was acquainted with. We started chatting, discussing the day and other items. As we were walking down the hall we came up to a small oncology office. Since it was after hours, the office was closed, with a pull down gate securing the waiting room. As we approached we both noticed and an elderly woman sitting in the waiting room behind the gate. The nurse, alarmed at seeing someone somehow accidentally locked in, said that she would let the lady know that we were there and stay there with her until help arrived if I would go to the phone at the end of the hall and call security. Increasing our pace, we approached the gates, which were divided halfway by a large pillar (about 2 feet wide). As we passed the pillar, we were shocked to find that the lady had disappeared! She was literally there when we were on one side of the pillar, and then completely gone when we crossed to the other side just a second later.

The nurse looked around, perplexed. Suddenly she started screaming, running away as quickly as possible (having investigated multiple haunted locations I was more amused and intrigued than frightened). The next day the nurse came into the cafe and told me that she was putting in her notice.

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wow that sounds absolutely horrifying. also kind of funny how scared the nurse was though.

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