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Covid. The Demonic Party

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Part 2 of 4

Who remembers the London Olympics ceremonies? You probably do, vith the following takeaways. 

Massive audience (500 million viewers estimated).
Massive spectacle. 

Both the opening and closing ceremonies were a little strange and in that strangeness we may get a hint of the paranormal. And this led to a lot of speculation of occult summonings and predictive programming. A search on the internet will come up with tons of articles bearing thereon. 
Even Reuters had to step in and proclaim that they checked rumors they were occult summoning ceremonies. 
So let's take a look at the claims (or maybe take the narrative from the fact checkers. 
Look closely at the fact check

A small extract is reproduced here:

Photos of the ceremony, showing nurses dancing around hospital beds and a death-like figure looming above, have been shared with the suggestion they foreshadow the COVID-19 crisis ((here).

The caption accompanying the photos questions “the very strange tribute that was paid to the NHS (National Health Service) which saw Doctors, Nurses and Surgeons all gallivanting and dancing around empty hospital beds and was all overseen by a grim reaper(DEATH) looking character”.

[Image: 612eff8e8d253_Grim%20Reaper.jpg]

“Empty Hospital Beds, Dancing Nurses, Doctors and Surgeons, Death^^^^ All this sounds terribly familiar don’t you think?????”

The performance has no real link to the coronavirus. Not only was the ceremony planned eight years before the pandemic, but the themes questioned by the post can be logically explained .

The links are broken in the fact check so unfortunately you cannot see exactly what is going on. But we have other photos. 

[Image: 61324d2b9be0d_0c6094ea-96c7-4182-9634-3e...-O1_1.jpeg]

[Image: 61324ea504a31_download%20(9).jpeg]

The opening show was designed by Oscar-winning film director Danny Boyle as an ode to British history and culture. In the second of three “acts”, Boyle paid homage to the NHS, a much-loved national institution to many Britons.

So much for Reuters. Let's see what other sources say.

The start 

The show begins in pastoral England, complete with farmers and cricket players. There are also many symbols alluding to its ancient mystical lore. The focal point of the show is a hill that is said to have magical properties: Glastonbury Tor.

The mythical spirally hill named Glastonbury Tor overlooks pastoral England. This recreation of the Tor is topped by a giant oak tree, a tree considered sacred by Celtic Druids and representative of the Supreme Deity.

on of the Glastonbury abbey involved sacred geometry “known by the builders of Egyptian pyramids” and passed down through societies of stonemasons (the originators of modern Freemasonry.

The presence of Glastonbury Tor in the Olympic stadium provides a definitively mystical and esoteric undertone to the opening ceremonies.

While countrymen work the land and run around maypoles (which incidentally bear a cosmic and phallic occult meaning), a young boy in the crowd stands up and sings part of a classical English hymn, William Blake’s Jerusalem.

William Blake is often described as a “visionary” whose artistic works were heavily inspired by Druidism, Gnosticism, and Freemasonry (his depiction of the “Grand Geometrician” holding a Masonic compass is above the Rockefeller Center in New York). While some of his creations had Christian connotations, they were often told from a Gnostic and esoteric point of view. Jerusalem refers to the apocryphal story described above of Jesus visiting the “green and pleasant land” of Glastonbury with his great-uncle, Joseph of Arimathea.

And did those feet in ancient time
Walk upon England’s mountains green?
And was the holy Lamb of God
On England’s pleasant pastures seen?
And did the Countenance Divine
Shine forth upon our clouded hills?
And was Jerusalem builded here
Among these dark Satanic Mills?

The poem asks if Jesus walked in England and founded New Jerusalem (as described in Revelation) among these “dark Satanic Mills”. This enigmatic expression is said to refer to England’s industrial revolution and the dark buildings that came with it.
Coincidentally, the next part of the opening ceremonies describes just that: The construction of “dark Satanic Mills”.

The Industrial Revolution
After the singing of the hymns, men in top hats, enter England’s Green and Pleasant land and bring about important change.

The men in top hats survey the land and shake hands. This small elite group will coordinate the industrial revolution and get the masses to work.

The top-hat guys are led by civil engineer Isambard Kingdom Brunel, who stands at the base of the Tor and give a speech quoting Shakespeare’s The Tempest. The oak tree then rises from the ground and hundreds of workers emerge from under the Tor and begin transforming England’s landscape.

At this point, there are a few facts that deserve to be pointed out. First, the legend of King Arthur stipulates that the top of the Tor provided entrance to Annwn, the ancient word for the Underworld. Second, the official name of the segment about the industrial revolution is Pandemonium, which is the name of the capital of Hell in Milton’s classical work Paradise Lost. These clues indicate that London did not become New Jerusalem (a metaphor for heaven) as stated by Blake’s hymn, but literally hell on earth. And all of this pandemonium was brought about by a handful of elite men who got thousands of workers apparently emerge from the underworld and build industrial England.

Everyone in the stadium will be part of the magic." -- Danny Boyle, Artistic Director, London 2012 Olympic Games Opening Ceremony Media Guide, pg. 11

"We can build Jerusalem and it will be for everyone." -- Danny Boyle, Artistic Director, London 2012 Olympic Games Opening Ceremony Media Guide, pg. 11

Some people say it was a predictive programming event but it does look very strange. For our purposes we don't have to split hairs. 

What are the differences between the London Olympics ceremonies and the Miracle of the Sun? In looking at the details we will see crucial clues towards how a paranormal event happens when divinely inspired and one that may be satanically driven.

The Miracle of the sun was started by three illiterate children The church had to go along but it was a spontaneous event. The London Olympics ceremonies (whether occult summoning or predictive programming) appear to be the work of many powerful, highly educated men and it was highly orchestrated. 

The miracle of the sun was a simple test of faith for most. Turn up at one field in Portugal and see what would happen. The London ceremonies and subsequent years of work are very elaborate and complicated works of men. 

One had an audience of 170,000 people or so. The other an audience of 500 million in 2012 and probably an (captive) audience of literally the whole world today. 

We will delve into other major differences in Part 5 of this series. 

Part 3 next will look into the middle management people behind covid.

© Memory Regained - 09-03-21

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