A 3 year old child's conversation with a ghost prompts police investigationStrange News

A 3 year old child's conversation with a ghost prompts police investigation

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Did the ghost of a missing woman appear to a young child? Image Credit: Pixabay
Recently, a Madera county husband named Jake Gorba, his wife Victoria and their three children, got more than just a sun-tan when the family took a trip to Shuteye Peak recently to enjoy some four-wheeling and summer outdoor activities. 

Shuteye Peak is a 13 mile trail located near North Fork, California, it is known for its panoramic views, and spacious rugged beauty, this makes it a popular option for hikers, and daytime adventurers who enjoy the outdoors.

[Image: 611dc690b1957_1280px-Shuteye_Peak_Diorama.jpg]
A view of the Sierra National Forest from the Shuteye Peak fire lookout. Image credit: By Guywelch2000

It was when the young family stopped for lunch, near an open clearing next to the peak that the day would take a strange turn for the scary, and the unexplained. As the family sat down to eat their lunch, their curious, yet determined 3 year old son Kaiden started to have a mysterious conversation with an invisible woman, he claimed was dead, injured, and in need of desperate help.

"He goes 'yeah there’s a lady over in the meadow in a black shirt' and I got goosebumps," said Victoria, "He says 'she needs our help but she’s dead and she’s laying face down with her legs up and she can’t talk to me but she’s over there we need to go help her.'”

The entire family reacted with shock, and seemed dumfounded by Kaiden's responses, as the three year old described the injured woman to his mother with a strong enough conviction, the family searched the meadow for the mysterious woman.

"He kept saying 'trust me, trust me mom' and I was like I trust you but you know I believe you 100%," said his mom, Victoria.

The young mother did not doubt her son, as he seemed so convinced that a dead woman needed help.

"He was very adamant that we needed to help her and he described her down to blue hair, he said 'she has a black shirt blue-jeans and blue hair mom' that’s the exact description of her when she went missing," said Victoria.

"He flat out told us, 'mom she’s dead, she needs our help' and that’s when I got the goosebumps and I was like, oh my gosh,"  said his mother.

After searching the meadow, the family decided to call it a day, and go home, too frightened by the current events to stick around, and wait for Kaiden to continue his conversation with the mysterious dead woman.

After getting home, the family decided to post about the mysterious, and scary event of the day on Facebook.

"We put it on Facebook to see if anybody knew anything about the area and come to find out that there was a lady messing with the description that he described to us within a 5-mile radius of where we were," said Victoria.

After seeing the post, a corporal by the name of Chris Williams with the Madera county sheriff's office contacted the family to ask about Kaiden's sighting of the dead woman at the county mountain.

"The corporal in charge of her case actually reached out to us on Facebook and was like 'hey we want more information and we want to bring you guys up there and see if you could point us in the direction.'”

[Image: 611dc67717803_f6e45676-90b2-4f14-bbc3-43...Hughes.png]
Sandra Hughes has been missing for 1 year. Photo Credit: kmph.com -MSCO 

The Madera county sheriff's office have been in charge of the investigation of the disappearance of Sandra Hughes since she was reported missing by her own family.

The sheriff's office confirmed the report they received by the Gorba family. Officers went out to the location to search the meadow where Kaiden reported his mysterious conversation with the ghostly visitor, but unfortunately did not find any evidence of the missing woman.

To this day, the case remains unsolved. Please contact Madera County Sheriff's Office, if you have any information regarding the disappearance of Sandra Hughes

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