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Why do I have to sign up for a new account?
You need to create an account to access the story telling features. Unfortunately guests cannot submit ghost stories, this is due to the hazards of spam.
But fear not, signing up only takes a few seconds. Creating an account also gives you access to your own profile where you can build your ghost story collection.
How do I tell my real ghost stories?
How to tell your real ghost story in just 4 easy steps.
  • Step 1: Login
  • Step 2: Click 'Tell My Story'
  • Step 3: Select a category
  • Step 4: Enter story text. Go live!
How do I edit my real ghost stories?
To keep a ghost story's integrity, ghost stories cannot be edited or changed once a story goes live on the site. Please read over your ghost story and make sure it is just the way you like it before you post it live on the site. No need to worry, our caretaker Mr. Ghost Stories will correct any spelling mistakes, to make sure every ghost story is just the way you intend it to be.
How do I delete my real ghost story?
To protect the quality of the site, ghost stories that are posted on cannot be deleted once a ghost story goes live on the site.
Will own my ghost story that I post on this site?
No, all ghost stories on this site belong to their respective authors and should not be published, reproduced or distributed outside of this web site without permission from the copyright holder. All ghost stories are copyright stamped next to the storyteller's name, and dated the time of posting. MyGhostStory will never share, merchandise or sell any ghost story posted on this website.

I need help, how do I contact support?
The staff here at is happy to help you.
To contact support, you can use our contact form. CLICK HERE

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Mr. Ghost Stories will always do his best to answer your questions and concerns.

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