One Strange Night at The Cemetery

by Mr Ghost Stories
© January 6th, 2018

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It was about 12 years ago when we ran a paranormal investigation group. It was 3 of us guys, all family related. We would typically visit cemeteries at night, hoping to catch sight of a ghost or encounter anything paranormal. We were just a very curious group, doing a lot of EVP recordings.

One night, we went to Houston cemetery, a landmark in Houston, Texas with famous graves and sprawling fields of headstones, rolling hills, the place is just breathtaking. During this one particular night, we were doing EVPs near the canal side of the graveyard. These headstones around this area were literally being lost to nature, and some were barely seen at all because they were being overtaken by weeds and dirt.

At this location, I remember asking an EVP question out loud,  and I asked: "What is your Name?" And right then a person in the group collapsed and went limp, and fell to the ground. We had to pick him up and basically carry him out, as we decided to leave right at that moment. When we got out of that area of the cemetery where he collapsed, the person that had fallen to the ground began to feel better and was able to walk out of the cemetery by himself. Right before we were about to exit, we all stopped to ponder what had just happened. Everyone in the group was mystified by the event, and we were all wondering why he had fallen to the ground. As we all talked about it, I decided to replay the EVP, and listen to the question I asked right before he collapsed. When I replayed the recording, I heard my voice ask, "What is your name?" and we all heard this windy female voice that sounded like a really hard whisper, say out loud, say "Mary..."

It was shocking because nobody was expecting to hear anything, we all blown away by the voice that said, Mary. Who was this Mary? We must have replayed that EVP a thousand times because it was the first and only time we actually caught something weird.

Even though this happened over 12 years ago, I can still remember it like yesterday. It was one strange night at the cemetery.
January 6th, 2018

Creepy!! Did you ever go back to try and ask Mary more questions?
January 6th, 2018

Thanks for asking. No, we never went back as a group to summon Mary. But that would have been cool to do so! Especially with an Ouija board.
January 6th, 2018

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