A Beautiful Dream

by Ashley99738899
© November 18th, 2017

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United States     New Mexico
This is my friend's story, his name is Keshawn and he will be typing. It's 9:45 pm right now so he will start typing, bye. Hey, guys, my name is Keshawn Long. I've never done anything like this, so let's start with the story.

I had a dream but it was something that I couldn't explain. Well, I guess I can say that the dream was beautiful to me. In my dream, I was in the woods. It was twilight and it was cloudy, I was wandering around and everything was so beautiful. I saw blue flowers, I heard and saw bluebirds in the trees, the clouds and the sky were light blue, of course, it was twilight. Then I saw a woman, she had long black hair and she had a white dress on and she had light brown skin. She came up to me and said hello with a soft voice. I said Hi, how are you? Then she said, oh I just love seeing the sky around this time and the feeling that I get around this time.

Then I woke up and I had this feeling like something was telling to look outside. I went to the window, it was morning around this time. I went into shock when I saw that it was the woman from my dream and she was standing by the trees in the woods. I can tell it was her, with the dress and the hair and also her beautiful brown skin. I ran outside towards the woods and I loudly said hello as I was looking for the woman.
Right there, I stopped when I felt this cool air around me and I heard that woman's soft voice, I turned around and I said, hello? Hello? But nobody was there. I just stood in the woods until the sun came out. I felt a peaceful and loving feeling. For some reason, I felt happy and then I prayed. Then I went home.

If you have any questions about my story please comment, ok good night everyone!!!!!! : )
November 18th, 2017

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