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Child Apparition
by Cryptid Hunter © November 12th, 2017

Location: United States
This experience happened to me while I was traveling through the Mojave Desert back in 2001. I was getting ready to come back home to Las Vegas after visiting my then girlfriend who lived in Lancaster Ca. It was a Sunday night at 9 pm when I decided to make the long drive back home. It had just finished raining in Lancaster and there was a lot of overcast, so it was a pretty dark cold and creepy night. I decided to take a backroad instead of the freeway because I love finding abandoned buildings to explore.
I took old HWY 58 to the town of Hinkley Ca, as I drove through the small nearly deserted town I found a road that had 4-5 abandoned houses all near each other.

I drove around for a bit just until I felt comfortable enough that no one was in one of the houses I wanted to go in and explore. The 2 story house was fairly old and had been vandalized throughout the years. I got off my truck and pulled out my flashlight and walked the outside perimeter of the abandoned home. As I came back around with my light I noticed a small silhouette in one of the windows that was facing towards the street. I shun my light up towards it but I could not see anyone standing there.

I yelled out a couple of "hellos" just in case someone was squatting inside the house they would somehow know I was friendly. No one answered. I waited a few minutes outside and without shining my light to it I kept looking towards the same window where I had seen a figure of a small person standing. I saw the same figure standing by the window, I raised my hand and waved but it did not wave back, instead, it walked backward deeper into the room until I couldn't see it anymore.

I decided to leave the place but fearing that it may be a child or a small kid that was lost I decided to go inside the house to see if it was ok or if it needed help. As I walked up the porch to the front door I remember thinking that I was an idiot for doing this. I called out a couple of times to see if anyone replied but no one did. I slowly walked all of the downstairs rooms and when I saw that they were empty I decided to go upstairs. As I was walking up the stairs the floorboards squeaking below me did not help with my nerves. I called out a few more times but no one answered so I started calling out "hey kid, are you ok? do you need any help?".

I went through 2 of the upstairs rooms but they were also empty, so I headed towards the end room where I had seen the silhouette, the room was decorated for a small child. The walls were painted from what seemed to be of little kids. I heard what I think was 2 knocking sounds that came from the closet area so I walked towards it thinking that a kid might be hiding in there but when I walked in that room there was no kid and all there was were a set of pajamas hanging from the closet. I think that I almost fainted when I didn't see any kid inside the room and I decided to get the hell out of that place. A few weeks passed by when I went to visit my girlfriend in Lancaster again and on my way back to Las Vegas again I decided to return to the house and film the inside of it, the same set of pajama pants was still hanging from the closet.
November 12th, 2017

Oh man, what a creepy story!! I gotta say, you're pretty ballsy for going into those places! Had you been a believer before that?
February 4th, 2018

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